history of Hi-tech Club hookah emergence

My name is Yaroslav. I pleased to welcome you here! I am the author of Hi-tech Club hookahs and this is the story of their invention.

Hi-tech club hookah for business

For the owners of hookah bars, restaurants and catering companies, the innovator Yaroslav Bondarenko offers to buy his exclusive hookahs with its trademark name Hi-tech club hookah.

Soon you can receive a good profit from this unique patented invention.

accessory hookah exclusive

This is a short overview of the main accessories of hookah Hi-tech Club. It is everything you need for a simultaneous hookah smoking, comfortable hookah transportation, coal protection and cold fume delighting.

Accessories for hookah Hi-tech Club it's convenient things to enjoy exclusive holidays and a favorite hookah.

exclusive narguilé Hi-tech club gift

While searching for interesting things that can decorate your home, and for a good gift or for your friends, or an essential means of communication you should pay attention at exclusive hookahs made in Kyiv, known by its ancient traditions and cultural values.

modern hookah Hi-tech club

Undoubtly, the tradition of water pipe smoking brings the harmony and desired physical relaxation. It’s not surprising buying a hookah, one will have to choose among a huge variety of smoking devices. The market is full of cheap hookahs which are like disposable toys and they are rather expensive tricky designed shishas with brilliance of precious stones as well.

Several years ago, Hi-tech club hookah started a new trend in the ancient smoking tradition, having changed the principle of hookah operation. Some manufacturers of brand hookahs attempted to get closer to the exclusive flavor characteristics of Hi-tech club hookahs, trying to make changes in the structure of their devices. That’s why we can see various hardly successful various attempts to make hookah which doesn't need foil.

Read more what the author tells about 10 main innovations of modern high-tech Hi-tech Club hookah

how to set up hookah

There are several schemes of our exclusive hookah assembly and we’re presenting you a general one.


Due to the fact that all hookah elements are interconnected with patented bolted join, Hi-tech Club hookah can be easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning or transportation.

premium Hi-tech club hookah smoking

For Hi-tech club hookah smoking you need quite small amount of tobacco.

There are a many ways of preparing tobacco before smoking, and they all are great for our Hi-tech Club hookah.

box hookah Hi-tech club

Unboxing author's hookah Hi-tech club.

If you have ordered hookah in standard kit packaging, hookah Hi-tech club is delivered to your home in such a compact form. A cardboard box is as ergonomic as hookah itself that means that it’s one is thought out to the smallest detail.

High premium quality hookah for a reasonable price

When you are faced with the dilemma of selecting elite hookah, you should make a choice taking into consideration the quality of the product. Undoubtedly high-premium quality hookah can’t be of low price. If you buy a cheap hookah, being attracted by it’s low price, you just waste your money because of low quality and short term of exploitation.

Hi-tech club hookah with milk

Hookah- lovers often use milk in casual hookah the recipes for softer and more pleasant the taste of fume.

This effect is achieved due to the fact that water has a lower density than milk, therefore smoke is purified through it much more better.

tasty Hi-tech club hookah with wine

Various recipes are being creating to diversify the shisha rest, to complete the taste of tobacco and to get a new pleasant gustatory sense.

Adding red wine to a hookah liquid, especially with backlight hookah illumination, will provide you a variety of colour effects.

old-hookahs buy the best Hi-tech club hookah

Hi tech club hookahs. The best hookah’s generation.

Since times immemorial, people have been inventing equipment and pleasant accessories for work or having a break from it. Both these kinds of devices have evolved significantly.

Nowadays, like many centuries ago, one of the most respected and most harmonizing tradition is a waterpipe smoking.

The best Hookah Hi-tech club
Exclusive Hi-tech club hookahs. In the harmony with light.

According to Carol Jackson, the author of the book “Colour Me Beautiful”, colour treatment can be used to enhance one’s mind and spirit.

Known psychiatrist said "skillfully selected range of colours has more capable salutary influence to our nervous system, than any other medicine." There are many written books about the theory of chromo therapy and there is a countless amount of different lamps and devices for charging from the colour energy.

Our ultimate Hi-tech Club hookah has all necessary parameters for using it in medical and harmonizing purposes, especially in combination with such relaxation tradition as water-pipe smoking.

buy modern hookah Hi-tech club
Hookah is a kind of pipe of peace. Today it is a harmonizing attribute of communication and a person sitting opposite you is not your potential enemy any more as it used to be in ancient time. However, it would be a perfect way to discuss global issues while smoking a calming hookah.
easy draw hookah hitech hookah

Hookah Hi-tech Сlub combines classic and modernity, innovation and tradition in one device. The most important that our shisha always guarantees easy draw and tasty smoke.

It has not only a new brand design, but also an improved operating principle. It's perfection makes hookah smoking even more relaxing and enjoyable.

дизайнерский кальян Hi-tech club

Exclusive goods which were made with the soul and design idea, always create a special atmosphere around. It makes the world fascinating and charming saturates it with the comfort of life and inflates with the varieties of recreation.

This amazing world is complemented by an exclusive invention - a perfect hookah with a patented unique design.

Designed in technocratic style, Hi-tech Club hookah always attracts attention and becomes the best functional decoration of any home or public places.

buy hookah price hi tech

Many people tried their first traditional shisha in the countries of East Asia or Africa while visiting local bars and hookah lounges. Inspired travelers often wanted to buy there this interesting souvenir for themselves or for their friends, believing that it is just impossible to find a good hookah in Europe or America.

To buy a hookah online around the world is no longer a problem, even in the cities, which are not so long into the tradition of water pipe smoking. The question is not to get lost in the mass of hookahs production and to choose and buy a hookah of a really good quality.

Read more how to choose right hookah, prices for exclusive hookahs in the world, their peculiarities and shortcomings, and why you should entrust your holiday to producer of Hi-tech Club.

hookah patent

 Hi-tech Club hookah is unique and has excellent smoking characteristics due to engineering approach to product creation. Hookah has a lot of innovations, the authorship of which is protected by Patent.