New hookah

Hookah Hi-tech Сlub combines classic and modernity, innovation and tradition in one device. The most important that our shisha always guarantees easy draw and tasty smoke. It has not only a new brand design, but also an improved operating principle. It's perfection makes hookah smoking even more relaxing and enjoyable.

super flask hookah made

For the production of our high-tech metal parts of hookah, we use food stainless steel. For bulbs production we use borosilicate or free-blown glass. Steel and glass are the most relevant materials for the manufacture of devices that constantly is exposed to the influence of high temperatures and water. In addition, steel parts the hookah do not absorb odors and are easy to clean.

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One of the main interesting points of hookah Hi-tech Club is a complete replacement of traditional foil by specially designed bowl for coals, so tobacco does not burn and there is no need of constantly monitoring the coals. While heating, the bowl for coals gives up its heat to the metal bowl for tobacco, which is heated evenly, ensuring the disclosure of tobacco taste without burning as it often happens when coal contacts with foil in ordinary hookahs.

Hitech hookah lounge

As rubber usually loses its performance characteristics very quickly, high-tech hookah has no rubber connecting elements, that enhances an ultimate thermal conductivity. A special valve system allows smoking with two hoses simultaneously without keeping a finger constantly on the mouthpiece. You just smoke for pleasure.

Hitech hookah butterfly

Apart from all innovations in the external characteristics of shisha smoking, the possibility of smoking shisha using fruit instead of traditional bowl has been realized. A special fruit attachment comes as standard. It is also possible to smoke using traditional bowls.

The kit also includes a hookah LED backlighting that emphasizes all the advantages of hookah, and besides it creates a special cozy atmosphere.

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People often ask us a question- which tobacco can or can not be used for our high-tech hookah, what is the secret of our tobaccos. In this regard, we do not have any specific recommendations. Selecting of tobacco is a choice of taste, someone prefers a delicious hand-made tobacco, while others prefer a certain famed brand. The most important thing is that whatever kind of tobacco you choose - our hookah reveals its full flavor!

The combination of quality materials and unusual design makes hookah Hi-tech Club unique. Choosing it you will bring new colours and a new taste into your life.