Hookah patent Hi-tech Club

Hookah technology Hi-tech Club

The patent for the Hi-tech Club hookah. Patent information.

A new hookah model is made to improve the quality of common hookahs as well as the process of water pipe smoking and to remedy existent defects.

In general hookahs have a bulb, a shaft, bowl for coal and tobacco, a tobacco pipe and mouthpiece. The shaft is attached to the bulb with threading, or by rubber strip.

A bowl for tobacco is set by fixing it in the shaft with a rubber strip. A bowl is covered with foil to separate the tobacco from coal.

The main in disadvantages of common hookahs is a small heat capacity unit a "bowl for tobacco - foil", as a result of overheating tobacco burns.This, in turn, is the reason of changing the taste of smoke, it starts to taste bitter because of the toxicity of products combustion.


Technical solutions.

The purpose of new utility model is to eliminate the disadvantages of ordinary hookahs.

The technical result which is achieved by Hi-tech Club model hookah, is the elimination of burning of tobacco in hookahs, preservation of flavour, reducing the harm of using hookah.

The technical result is achieved with the usage of a bowl for tobacco and a bowl for coal specially designed for smoking without using any foil.

Moreover, a bowl for tobacco and a shaft create one thermosystem, which increases the heat capacity of water pipe (metal takes on redundant heat from the coal and provides a stable temperature in the zone of tobacco).

The bowl for coal is situated exactly above the bowl for tobacco, which has holes for air transfering and special scallops for preventing closing these holes by coal. Around this area over the bowl of tobacco, there is a platform with a brims. This platform takes excess heat from coal and maintains stable temperature of tobacco bowl. Ledge prevents coal to fall from a waterpipe’s bowl.



Techniques of manufacturing and materials of Hi-tech Club hookah

hookah technology Hi-tech Club

The unique patented system for selection of heat ensures that tobacco doesn't burn. As a result of this innovation, the smoke is soft and not bitter, efficiently transmits taste and flavor of tobacco.

Hookah is made with high quality materials, so it is resistant to damages and the impact of any household chemistry (it can be washed in the dishwasher).

A hose, a mouthpiece and a shaft has a large diameter and this feature ensures an easy inhalation even with common smoking.

A waterpipe is hermetic: a bulb, a hose and a valve are connected with threaded connections.

In addition hookah can be easily assembled and disassembled, it is compact for storaging and transferring.

Hookah has been designed with a low centre of gravity, that is why Hi-tech Club hookahs are resistant to fall down.

Hookah has no painted parts, thereby its original look retains. Gold colour of Hi-tech Club Classic gold, Hi-tech Club Coralica gold and Hi-tech Club Butterfly gold and Noir collection hookahs is achieved by thermal vacuum deposition of titanium and it is resistant to abrasion.


bowl for coal no foil

Waterpipe Bowl for coal

Material: stainless medical steel

Features: bowl completely replaces foil and protects tobacco from overheating


cup for tobacco no foil

Waterpipe Cup for tobacco

Material: stainless medical steel

Features: an excellent conductor, leads to regular heating of the tobacco from coal and at the same time, transfers heat from the walls to tobacco, which, in turn, are warmed up by the coal from bowl.


hookah trays Hi tech Club

Waterpipe Trays

Material: stainless medical steel

Features: resistant to damage and the impact of any household chemicals.


hookah shaft Hi-tech Club

Waterpipe Shaft

Material: stainless medical steel

Features: has cooling fins for effective smoke cooling. Shaft's tube has a diffuser for making smoke filter of fume better and the process of smoking much quitter.


hookah fume valve Hi tech Club

Waterpipe Valve

Material: stainless medical steel

Features: vertical for hookah with one hose. In case of smoking with two hoses, vertical valve is being replaced by two horizontal valves.


hookah glass bulb Hi-tech Club

Waterpipe Bulb

Material: for water jars of Hi-tech Club Classic, Hi-tech Club Coralica and Hi-tech Club Butterfly hookahs we use special world best borosilicate glass SIMAX, that is made in the Czech Republic

Features: water jar is thick and heat resistant, can be matte or crystal clear.


handmade hookah bulb Hi-tech Club friendly

Waterpipe Bulb of Hi-tech Club Friendly hookah

Material: hand-made water jars of Hi-tech Club Friendly hookahs are made from free-blown glass

Features: water jars made from free-blown glass are exclusive and unique. In a thick bulb walls there are many tiny beautiful bubbles. A bulb of our hookahs can be made in various colors.

Special offer: the possibility of branding and application of labels.


hookah hose Hi-tech club

Waterpipe Hose

High-quality nutritional silicone covered with design material 

Features: flexible, easy to clean, does not accumulate odours


waterpipe stand Hi-tech Club

Waterpipe Stand

Material: stainless medical steel

Features: stable, high-tech styled, resistant to any detergent. At the moment, we offer for choice more than six models of stands

Special offer: the possibility of branding, as well as the manufacturing of hookah's stand according to your own design.


hookah mouthpiece Hi tech Club

Waterpipe Mouthpiece

Material: stainless medical steel

Special offer: the possibility of branding and application of labels.


hookah backlight Hi-tech Club

Waterpipe Backlight

Features: full-colour LED backlights with the regime of smooth colour transition and the ability to choose an exact color. Backlights runs on three mini AA batteries. Control console is in a kit.


hookah nozzle Hi-tech Club

Hookah Nozzle for fruits

Material: stainless medical steel

Features: bolted join, the best diametre for easy draw


hookah cooler Hi tech Club

Hookah Cooler 

Material: stainless medical steel

Features: bolted join, easy hookah draw of cold fume


hookah bag Hi-tech club

Hookah Bag 

Packing can be either a designer box with compartments for each hookah's item, or special genuine leather case with fixing parts.

Special offer: the possibility of branding and application of labels.


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