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hookah hi tech classic Price of Hi-tech Club Classic Gold hookah $650
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hi Price of Hi-tech Club Selective gold hookah 1200$
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x hookah hi tech club price X-HOOKAH steel bowl $350
x hookah hightech clubX-HOOKAH glue bowl $300
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hi tech club shisha Price of Hi-tech Club Friendly hookah $300
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killer set big hookahPrice of Killer set (big bowls) $100
glass wind protector Price of glass wind protector $20
glass wind protector Price of tongs $25
cooling element hookah Fume cooling element $50
hookah hose Price of second hose +2 horizontal valves $100
bag for hookah Bag for hookah $230, for Butterfly $300

Tasting, buying and shipping of creators’ Hi-tech Club hookahs  

Free tasting and presentation of Hi-tech club hookahs

We warmly invite you to our Kyiv design-studio for hookahs, where the in house designers will help you choose exactly the model which suits your requirements furthermore we will share with you our favorite secrets and recipes for your best smoking experience. A hookah master class at your place and connivance! At high tech experience we can provide an expert to ensure your hookah environment is beyond comparison, the right device and ambiance is the key to success.

Delivery of Hi-tech Club hookahs  

We organize delivery worldwide. Providing a delivery service which meets any agreed method of payment or transportation!

Packing of hookahs Hi-tech Club

You shouldn’t be worry about hookah during any transportation as packing hookah is made especially for hookah, it can be either kit designer box with compartments for each hookah's item:

Hookah Hi-tech club the best sheesha Hi-tech club Classic bye hookah Hi-tech club ultimate hookah Hi-tech club buy modern hookah Hi-tech club box for hoohah Hi-tech Club

or special genuine leather case with fixing parts:

hookah bulb Hi-tech club exclusive hookah case Hi-tech club the best shisha Hi-tech club Classic luxury hookah Hi-tech club Stylish hookah Hi-tech club luxury hookah case Hi-tech club

Hi-tech Club hookahs for business

Collaboration with hookah bars and restaurants, before you buy one of our products we want you to be successful. We offer an excellent business package with full support. In the unlikely event of breakage, we maintain and replace Hookah spare-parts as well as advice on the best selling tobacco lines. By purchasing of our hookahs for business, you are doing an excellent business investment because:

- hookahs are stable and don't have easily breakable parts

- we are the direct producers,  that is why we always have all available details for hookahs.  This is just in a case if someone burns hose with an open fire or manages to break a water container, because only those parts of hookahs are possibly can be damaged deliberately.

- You need 2-2.5 times less tobacco in comparison with other hookah models. Astoundingly for our Hi-tech Club hookahs you need 2-2.5 times less tobacco, that’s 2-2.5 more profit!

- Hi-tech Club hookahs do not require special care, hence Hi-tech Club hookahs can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher retaining their original look after many washes with chemicals in hard water.

- moreover, it is needless to use foil in Hi-tech Club hookahs Consequently, there isn’t any aluminum in the fume. Instead of foil we use a stainless steel medical bowl, which is easier for servicing, and making the customers smoking experience comfortable and pleasant.

- Hi-tech Club hookah is easy to service, not requiring the presence of trained water pipe workers who constantly interrupt guests looking after burning coals.

- it is possible with our smoking system to enjoy one tobacco portion for 1,5 hour; consequently the smoke remains concentrated and doesn’t turn bitter!

- due to our patented efficient burning system the tobacco smoke is smother and lacking in toxicity, creating an experience that your VIP visitors will appreciate is enjoyable with health benefits.

- Our hookah owing to its unique design and LED backlight effects creates a warm atmosphere for your establishment and customers, who will always return to your premises to relax whilst enjoying a unique ambiance provided by our state of the art smoking furnishings that assures the best feelings whilst inhaling an optimum tasting tobacco. We are not underestimating our product! Once you try a taste and feel the Hi-tech Club hookah you will be more than convinced!

Taste it. Feel it. Enjoy it!

To turn a pipe dream into profit, ring: +38 (050) 591-65-47  or Viber and WhatsApp +38 (050) 570-22-49, call +4178 405 76 02
Write to info@hi-techclub.com

At High-Tech hookah we are pleased to answer all your questions, or give advice and recommendations with no hard sell! Experience has taught us that our great product sells its self by decorating your smoking parlor with our stylish mood-creating miracle!

If you haven't received an email answer within several hours - please, check your spam folder. As we answer all enquiries promptly!

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