Hi-tech Club exclusive hookahs

Hi-tech Club hookah brings an ancient tradition into the 21st century, at the same time providing outstanding authentic styling with the best quality.

Hi-tech Club is a product line of patented author's hookahs with completely gorgeous design, united by the idea of combining modern club style with excellent incense characteristics.

For creating an atmosphere of relaxation and harmony, for business and for a wonderful gift, for the soul and for life tasting, Hi-tech Club hookahs are favorite gourmets' choice.

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Hookahs Hi-tech Club - the best quality of an ancient tradition of gorgeous rest.

Hi-tech Club hookahs offer a combination of high-level of performance and technical excellence and individual looks, vivid differences that have made it famous among other hookahs:

- you don’t have to use harmful foil during smoking Hi-tech Club hookahs

- the all items are made of high-quality materials

- hookahs are easy to be cleaned and assembled, resistant to damage, do not fade, do not rust, do not lose their original stunning look

- hookah kit for 2 tubes, has a unique valve system that ensures easy draw during individual or simultaneous smoking

- the taste of tobacco is amazing and the fume is without any bitterness

- all components of hookah have nonporous structure, so it does not accumulate any needless smell

- tobacco never burns in all Hi-tech Club hookahs

- only 7 grams of tobacco is enough to provide 1,5 hour smoking with abundant thick fume and complete transfer of taste

- super stable construction

- the possibility of  brand marking or labelling, production by exclusive bowls with your own design

- Hi-tech Club Friendly hookahs always have unique colour and structure of a water jar

- harmonious LED backlighting with console in a kit

- specially made stylish and convenient packing for hookahs in the form of portable cardboard boxes or designer genuine leather bags with compartments for all of the hookah elements

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Interesting people, pictures, music, unusual things always create a special atmosphere around.  This wonderful world is complemented with an exclusive invention - a designer hookah with patented unique modular construction.

Designed in technocratic style, Hi-tech Club hookah always attracts attention and becomes an elite decoration at home or in public places like hookah lounges and hookah restaurant.

Therefore, to fans and especially to gourmets, as well as to hunters of original and stylish things, we strongly recommend to pay attention to Hi-tech Club hookahs - the best invention in the culture of smoking, which we want to share with the world.

Implementation is the most important thing in every good idea. If you can bring the idea to life exactly as it was intended, it turns out to be unusual, interesting, modern and exclusive invention.

cigarette and smoke fume

Those who at least once tasted an ordinary hookah, are aware of the inconveniences that somehow have to endure. Traditionally, tobacco is often burnt because of the hot coal contact through a thin foil. Consequently smoke gets bitter taste and it becomes unpleasant for inhalation.

A lot of usual hookah models have metal flavor because hot coal contacts with foil and ferrous metal spiral hose.

Don’t be deceived by ordinary hookahs, which have lots of smoking hose - such hookahs, unfortunately, are not practical. They are often non- hermetic and cannot hold the smoke. Hence a very unhygienic habit and need to cover constantly mouthpiece with a thumb leaving a fragrant smoke in a bulb, came from. It is a classic common annoying difficulty to relax of hookahs' funs.

These inconveniences are associated with a very outdated approach to make hookahs and extra savings on the quality of material.

cup for coal hookah

A brilliant technical solution of the author of hookah Hi-tech Club is to abandon the foil and replace it by a specially designed bowl for coal.

An excellent thermal conductivity of metal makes tobacco heat regular for temperature.

Owing to this technology, tobacco doesn’t burn, because hookah’s cup isn't overheated by coal, transferring its redundant heat to the bowl for tobacco.

handmade hookah shaft Hi-tech club

Only when serious thermal calculation had been made, a bowl for tobacco was designed. As a consequence the bowl regularly and doesn’t overheat as well. The absence of a rubber bushing between the shaft and a bowl of tobacco contributes to high thermal conductivity, since all the excess heat from the bowl goes into the metal shaft.

A special cooling fins in the shaft help to distribute the heat efficiently. So you can smoke hookah, not caring about shuffling of the coal.  Moreover, the tobacco is fully used and one portion is enough to 1.5 hour smoking with full transmission of smoking taste.

hookah two hoses Hi-tech club

Our hookahs have a structure that ensures easy smoking. Besides, the kit of Hi-tech Club hookah, designed specially for two hoses, is available.

This hookah can work with one or two tubes and the valve system allows one or two people to enjoy the full thrust through one or two hoses at the same time.

This mechanism allows to keep the smoke inside the bulb, and not keeping a finger "on the hookah pulse" all the time.

Due to the reasonable threaded joint of elements (a bulb, hose and valve) hookah is completely hermetic and easily assembled and disassembled for compact storage and travelling.

hookah hose hi teck

Hose of Hi-tech Club hookah is completely made of a solid food-grade silicone, which is ideal in terms of hygiene and safety.

Due to the fact that hookah is made according to the calculated low centre of gravity, it is resistant to rollover. It is very convenient and it is especially important for restaurants, pubs and hookah bars where is simple, safe and qualitative things to are necessary to be used.

Hookah hose is rather long. It is convenient to take seats around hookah wherever you want and it is very comfortable for common smoking. .

eco hookah Hi-tech Club hookah

For the manufacturing of metal details of hookah we use expensive matte stainless medical steel. This is an ideal modern material that doesn't oxidize and doesn't produce toxins during heating.

Dou to the fact that while smoking Hi-tech Club hookah a pair of aluminum isn’t produced, undoubly it can be considered as an eco - hookah. Additionally, stainless components don't absorb odors and are easy to be cleaned, also there no fingerprints left on matted surface.

glass hookah bulb Hi-tech Club

For the bulb manufacturing, we use a thick, heat resistant borosilicate  Czech glass SIMAX - one of the best in the world.

Unlike usual hookah bulb ours are not brittle, and they never change its original look. They can be easily cleaned and for even better look you can add some mint, rose, or other herbs to the water filter.

water jar hookah Hi-tech Club Friendly

 Hi-tech Club Friendly hookahs have exclusive handmade bulbs that are manufactured by professional masters in glass furnace. Owing to this, bulb performance is full of charm and uniqueness.

This special technology allows to intersperse a bulb with plenty of tiny bubbles of original look, as to add melted multi-colored glass to its structure. It always makes the look of a bulb every time completely new and unique.  Thus, each Hi-tech Club Friendly hookah is an extraordinary and gorgeous work of art.

hookah pipe hi tech

Considering the details of the construction of a Hi-tech Club hookah, you will discover that the tube shaft has a diffuser for better smoke filtering and quieter hookah working.

 Loud gurgling and hissing, that caused to name a hoohah as sheesha or hubble-bubble, now always is much quieter and more pleasant - extra sounds will not disturb the atmosphere of your tranquility and relaxation.

high tech hookah backlight

A very nice bonus to all the technical innovations of our hookahs is LED lighting. It illuminates the bottom of a bulb, and it, creates a fascinating and alluring light and colour.

Lighting remote control allows you to select a lighting mode - or smoothly flowing, or some fixed, which matches the mood and atmosphere.

Happy owners of our Hi-tech Club hookahs are very fond of this colour refinement, as it gives more pleasure for smoking as well as for watching, and create a desired comfort.

This is a real colour pleasure therapy for friendly company!

shisha glass water jar

Since we are produce all the elements of a high-tech hookah ourselves, we offer our customers the opportunity to create a unique bulb, as well as providing branding and labeling of hookah.

Our hookahs as well as a glorious tradition of water pipe smoking are not confined to their native continent, and we are proud to mark the counties, where our products are already enjoyed.

Nowadays when Hi-tech Club hookahs  became technology perfect, the author continues to expand hookah designer line, and develop new technical and aesthetic accessories.

In this site you can read more about the manufacturing process, learn about the history of the invention and improvement of hookahs, view a gallery of products and read about their features by clicking on hyperlinks.

In case you want to enjoy the tradition of hookah smoking or contemplation of Hi-tech Club hookah, we invite you to a tasting, which is held by the author in a design studio in Kyiv. Or buy and try:))

buy no foil Hi-tech club hookah

We recommend you to order a hookah only of the author- as he is the only guarantor of patented quality and will really help you to choose your hookah. 

In any case, if you buy a Hi-tech Club hookah for yourself, for business or for a gift, we wish you a pleasant delight of traditions, which are desired to be felt.

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