cup for tobacco hookah Hi-tech club

The bowl for tobacco used to have the most complicated fate. The bowl was located between low-quality rubber seals and foil. The bowl for tobacco used to “freaked out” as it was always covered with foil, and apart from this, there were made a lot of holes by a needle. That caused the bowl to overheat.

The innovation of Hi-tech Club hookah number 1.

cup for coal Hi-tech club hookah

After the invention of trendy bowl for coal it become not so hot. The bowl for a coal evenly distributes the temperature and reduces the peak temperature.

cup for tobacco Hi-tech club narghile

Also the coal control has changed. Just put the coal in the middle of the bowl for coal and after 1-2 minutes the Hi-tech Club hookah system will be saturated with heat. Then move the coal from the centre of the bowl towards the edges.

The innovation of Hi-tech Club hookah number 2.

hookah shaft Hi-tech club shisha

But, during long-term cooperation with a coal, the bowl still might have overheated. For solving this problem, the bowl for tobacco had to interact with the shaft for sharing its redundant warmth.

For more productive cooperation, I removed the rubber grommet between the bowl for tobacco and the shaft. This helped to absorb an excess heat from the bowl. That was a significant part of innovation that made hookah model more pleasant and easy to use.

Due to the interaction of bowl for tobacco and a shaft tobacco doesn't burn, it’s needless to translocate the coal all the time, there is no bitter smoke anymore and there are no poisonous fumes from the usage of aluminum foil ..

Then the next question appeared - how to make perfect hookah draw. To reach this easy draw this definitely needed to remove all the hookah's "narrow" places.

The innovation of Hi-tech Club hookah number 3.

puff fume exclusive Hi-tech club

All hookah items must have a large diameter as well as calculated size of all the holes. For instance as a diametre of the shaft and the hose is optimal, they together create a perfect inhale system. Undoubtedly, it was a halfway to it’s perfection.

Easy hookah draw is guaranteed by the fact that there are large cross sections of holes and nothing depends on a person who serves a hookah.

The innovation of Hi-tech Club hookah number 4.

valve modern hitech hookah

А new question appear: what will happen if somebody blows into a hookah? Generally, a casual hookah needs a valve as tobacco often burnt. In ordinary hookahs, a valve is used to blow a burnt fume out from the bulb.

It seems that, Hi-tech Club innovative hookah don’t need valve, as its tobacco doesn't burn and consequently there is no burnt fume.

On the one hand, it’s right, but on the other hand, peoples’ habit to blow inside has remained, and it's really funny to blow inside the hookah. The necessity of a new valve system appeared. Due to its creation, a hose become longer and we've got new wonderful smoke effects while blowing inside the hose.

The innovation of Hi-tech Club hookah number 5.

modern hose for shisha Hi-tech club

In order all these elements to be hermetically reliably connected, I made a very right decision to connect the shaft, the valve and the flask with a bolted joint.

The innovation of Hi-tech Club hookah number 6.

hookah stand for hitech hookah

Hookah stand is very stable. It caused by it’s 3 fulcrums as it is a well- known fact, that this system is always the most stable. So exactly these wide 3 “points of support” gives us this super-stability feature.

Hookah stand of modern Hi-tech club hookah

Hookah stand keeps a bulb upper than any crockery, it seems like the bulb levitates above the desk. This feature helps the bulb stand out among the dishes and glasses around. There is an interesting visual aspect. That's how I see it.

The innovation of Hi-tech Club hookah number 7.

crystal bulb high tech hookah

Bulb. In fact, the bulb has to be crystal clear in order to transmit the light, and to make bubbles visible inside. Because it is cool to see bubbles. It's quite interesting to see bubbles illuminated by a lantern. Considering the question more practically, it's very nice to have a transparent hookah bulb, because we always can see how much water we need to pour there and we can watch beautiful decoration of liquid in the bulb stuffed with sliced fruit and petals. And then we can smoke all this bouquet.

Actually, I always like to take a bottle and highlight it from the bottom by a lantern. Finally it illuminates as it should.

glass bulb for hookah Hi-tech club

The bulb may be matte or transparent. A transparent bulb hookah is more interesting because bubbles, smoke and air dissolving in the water are clearly visible. We can watch bubbles dissolving, condensing in bigger bubbles floating to the surface. Then we can observe how bubbles bursts releasing the smoke into the top of the bulb and eventually we inhale this cleared smoke.The whole cocktail, which we put inside, can be clearly seen in a bulb.

However, backlighting works with transparent bulb very specifically. In that place, where we have clean water, we can hardly see illuminating colour as it reflects only from those items that are in the water. The smoke layer above the water is illuminated as well as bubbles.

Matt bulb keeps the light inside, while the transparent bulb passes backlight colour through it and illuminates the space around hookah. Matt glass holds everything inside and it seems to be more solid. Smoke and water are two separate layers of visibly different colours.

We can get interesting effects with adding different colorant such as red wine into a bulb. In that case it will have the colour gradient from the bottom to the top. If we highlight red liquid by red backlight colour, the bulb bottom will be red, upper to the top the colour will be changing and finally it become deep maroon or bright crimson. If you highlight this coloured liquid with blue backlight colour, you get will get colour gradient from purple to dark red. Such colour art moments we can easily create. For example, the tandem of red and green colour is not so impressive, but yellow with red is really great.

Thus, Hi-tech Club hookah has such a sophisticated bulb.

The innovation of Hi-tech Club hookah number 8.

modern shisha hose

Hookah hose, unlike casual hookah hoses, does not include a metal wire that rusts and spoils the fume taste and even squeaks on the teeth. Hi-tech Club hose is made of food-grade silicone that easily can be washed and certainly doesn’t have any taste of iron. Not the mention the fact, silicone has its electrostatics feature.

In fact, in many modern glass hookahs silicone hoses are used, but during the usage it adheres a lot of dust, hair and pet wool. Finally hose the becomes unpleasant to touch. Hi-tech club hookah hose is implemented in such a way that the top of the food silicone hose is covered by braid. First of all braid is a design feature, because it is stylish and smooth to the touch. Such a usual result of long-term silicone hose usage without cleaning as yellowing, is absolutely hidden by a braid. According to the technical characteristics, hose braid prevents the silicone tube from punching. Finally, due to its striking features as electrostatistics, the braid operates as a protective screen.

modern hose for shisha Hi-tech club

Hookah mouthpiece made of stainless steal is connected to a hose with bolted join. Undoubtedly, stainless steel is a great material. If you go to the store for stainless steel bolts and screw nuts, you’ll see that they cost in 5-7-10 times more than humble iron. The best types of stainless steel are rather expensive due to their excellent properties. This metal is really hard to manufacture. The most known stainless steel feature is keeping itself in the same form during its usage.

After years of usage, it can get some scratches and some polishing issues, but in any case, it never loses its colour, and doesn’t oxidized.

The innovation of Hi-tech Club hookah number 9.

fume cooler Hi-tech club hookah

The cooler element is also made of stainless steel and it contains 3 capsules and it should be frozen in the freezer before the hookah smoking.

The innovation of Hi-tech Club hookah number 10.

modern backlight Hi-tech club hookah

The backlight has a 10 RGB LEDs which are controlled via the control panel and can be set as individual colour or as colour changing regime. We can set the rate of colour changing, tune the brightness of light and it is very pleasant to be able to control this settings when the lighting in the room changes. That is, if you smoke outdoors or in a bright room, you can add some brightness to make your hookah more colourful and blazing. If you smoke hookah in a dark pub, especially if there is a concert and you don't want to attract all the attention on yourself,- just reduce the illumination and leave it so that it will shine only for your company. Close the space around you. Hi-tech club hookah is easy to assemble and easy to disassemble as well. It is also ergonomic in using and very easy to clean.

When I get bored of the taste of tobacco, I take out a hot bowl for a coal with my special tweezers. After that I take out the bowl and put it under a cold water stream for a while. After this, I put new tobacco inside the bowl and using tweezers put it back, than I place back still hot bowl for coal. In other words, the replacement of the tobacco in the hookah is done just in 3 minutes. As the hookah system are still hot since previous smoking, we can reach new tobacco flavour very quickly.


Enjoy hookahs Hi-tech club, they give you light, warmth and pleasant relaxation.