My hobby and style of my life is innovative thinking and the development of high-tech new products.

I was lucky in my childhood - I had an access to the machines and materials, really liked iron and I was developing and creating all kinds of daggers, machetes, crossbows, knives and hatchets, even motorcycles.

neon factories svarga

In my youth, complexity of my inventions was growing much. When I used to be a high school guy my brother and I created a unique huge vacuum dryer for medical herbs.

Later I turned my hobby to my profession and received a corresponding higher education.

My special achievement after university graduation was the development and implementation of the post-Soviet market innovation of neon factories SVARGA.

I've been always working for myself and I’ve been going swam against the stream of established rules of life and thinking.

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When I lived far from the center of the city and the trip to my studio on the subway took an hour- I bought a car. The problem of wasting time did not pass away - because there are a lot of traffic jams on a road. That is why I bought a motorcycle. Traffic jams became easier to go around, and travelling became more interesting. Besides of these advantages, I started the production of unique motorcycle's coffers.

But I still wanted my road-waste time to be optimized and minimized. And then I bought a trailer, having connected it with all necessary convenience and parked it right in front of the studio in the city center.

The system of values in a fairy bounded space has changed significantly, and I realized how important it is to create high-quality products for pleasure, easy in use and maintenance really elaborate.

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At the same time, travelling, I took interest in the study of various Eastern cultures and paid special attention to the role of traditional water pipe smoking. Finally I came to the conclusion that happiness, serenity and friendliness of local people is connected with centuries-old traditions of delightful relaxation. In other words I became interested in the culture of shisha and its place in the formation of customs.

An aggressive habitat in ancient times made people unite. The matter is that the settlers have to be linked not only by blood relations, but also by a unique joint ritual. So for rapprochement and unification of the inhabitants of one tribe a custom of eating a totem animal, the name of which usually coincided with the name of the tribe, appeared.

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Times changed, but customs did not disappear, but transformed into more suitable environmental form. So later there was a tradition of smoking the pipe of peace, or eating together, and then hookah took a special place in the society, gathering people together and creating an atmosphere of trust, harmony and peace.

During my travel to Egypt, I was surprised by the quantity and quality of hookahs. In the country of great pyramids hookahs are like tea for English people - a tradition of the whole day.

I was shocked by the fact that everyone smokes hookahs, not paying adequate attention to taste and flavour. In fact there is some middle indescribable taste, because after using shisha several times it absorbs different smells so much that it is almost possible to smoke it without tobacco at all.

Hi-tech-club-hookah better then betel

The problem is caused by that fact that the majority of hookah's trunks are made of silumin, which has a porous structure, causes the impossibility to clean up hookah from the accumulated odors. Furthermore, hose is traditionally made from ferrous metal one can always feel the rust flavour present while smoking.

Basically Egyptian’s hookahs are cheap product with small cups. Tobacco in them burns very quickly and the whole process last not more than 10 minutes. Needless to say a desirable effect could not be achieved so fast.

In India, everyone massively chews betel leaves - this type of tobacco from which teeth become of blood-red color. I'd rather like them to smoke hookahs :).

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I love mood-giving things, quality materials and I'm in love with the tradition of hookah. I wanted to make a hookah perfect, and during travelling I already began wondering how directly I can improve the characteristics of the hookah for making smoking more palatable and pleasant in order to reach the higher relaxation.

Hi-tech Club hookah presentation

Every time after returning from the new country, I have invented some new modifications to make a perfect hookah. In additional to the correcting of technical flaws which I found travelling and exploring, I implemented hookah using only the best materials and created a unique hi-tech design. Thus the name - Hi-tech Club came from.

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In the very beginning I presented my first made hookah to friends of mine, then I took part in exhibitions and competitions of hookahs-developers. Having got an invaluable experience an array of adorable responses, I have established a limited production of brand new hookahs.

Since then, I have been making hookahs not only for myself or friends, but also for true gourmets constantly developing new designs and continuing participating in various international exhibitions and festivals.

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The owners of luxurious restaurants have started buying my hookahs for their premium places, taking care of visitors in order to create a unique atmosphere. All above mentioned, my hookah can be a perfect present for a person who “has got everything".

Once I had seen that somebody faked my hookahs, and made it from low-quality metal colored with cheap paint. Having seen such a terrible fake, on the one hand it rather flattered me but on the other hand I immediately patented my invention.

Now I am proud to acclaim my hookah laboratory as the Design Hookahs Studio where we inspire our technologically advanced hookahs with honorable traditions and sophisticated soul of design.


I warmly invite you to visit me!

Yaroslav Bondarenko