Hi-tech Club Friendly hookah

Hi-tech club Friendly. Bright mood for friendly company.

So tiny but full-featured Hi-tech club Friendly hookah made the tradition of water-pipe smoking bright and perfect. Compact and original hookah has at the same time all famous smoking characteristics of bigger Hi-tech club hookahs.

A hookah's bulb is full of tremendous positive energy of man-made wonder. Despite of its small size, the bulb is weighty and thick, stands safely on any surface and resistant to fall.

Free-blown glass is a stunning material to bring the most exclusive ideas to eternity. The first historical mention of this kind of glass is dated back to 4-5. BC Not many of modern masters have this incredible gift to inspire into the great and eternal things with ancient techniques of glass blowing at glass furnaces.

Each Friendly hookah is exclusive and truly unique. Bulb's wall are interspersed  with plenty of tiny bubbles, and with hookah's backlighting  effects of motion, or glowing of these little sparks appier. Sometimes these bubbles they look like drops of dew on the surface.

A unique figured pattern of the bulb is created by adding melted  multi- coloured  glass to its structure, a technology close to Venetian Murano.

This colour design will never be erased and will not fade. You can choose the shape, size and color of a water jar according to your wishes and even to your own design.

Exclusive Hi-tech club Friendly hookah is ideal for outdoor recreation as a favourite choice of inspired travelers and creative extraordinary people.

Hi-tech club Friendly hookahs. Set the colour to your mood.