Hi-tech club Butterfly hookah

Hi-tech club Butterfly hookah. Jewelry work. Playful delight.

Patterned execution of butterfly's wings makes a heavy hookah looks elegant and airy. Cold technocratic hi-tech style is masterfully implemented in playful and gentle form of this model.

Butterfly hookah, in addition to its exquisite design, inherited all the innovations traditionally exist in the brand line of Hi-tech club for tasty and light smoking.

Butterfly hookah model, is not only a unique device for smoking, but also, it can serve as a unique design element, causing pleasant associations at the mere sight.

This hookah is a luxury decoration of your rest, as a family hearth it joins business partners, friends and lovers around in the best traditions of relaxation.

When the backlight bulb is on, hookah's wings create a lot of fantastic images. With skillful colours’ selection, you can use this hookah as a guide-device in the world of light and colour-therapy.

Tobacco berry taste especially filling a hookah’s bulb with fruit, perfectly suits to this type of model

Hi-tech club Butterfly hookah. In the harmony with nature.