Hi-tech Club hookah gold edition

Hi-tech club Gold hookah. The Gold choice.

An elite novelty of trendy Classic, breathtaking Coralica and luxurious Batterfly models is their golden framing. Gorgeous gilding is achieved by thermal vacuum deposition of titanium and it is absolutely resistant to abrasion.

Rich shade of gold colour is not possible to be thoroughly displayed on a computer monitor, as the exact mechanisms for the transmission of this colour does not exist yet.   

It is absolutely logical that we can revive the gold sun energy only in a live non-digital world.

Most traditional hookahs are made in gold colour, because for the people who have engendered and glorified the tradition of water pipe smoking, exactly this colour was endowed with special meaning and power.

For people of almost all nationalities it is the colour of the Sun. For Egyptians, it signifies a sign of divine and earthy greatness and communication with Ra - the god of Sun. Gold colour represents the truth in India.

In ancient Chinese alchemical scripture "the secret of golden flower", gold colour is poetized as the main symbol of enlightenment. Ancient Greeks portrayed gold colour as the sign of immortality and wisdom.

Existing phrases as a “the golden mean”, “golden rule”, “the golden words” and “the golden years” - are like a proof of an undeniable truth and justice of these statements.

The Gold colour looks harmonic in any interior for both small and spacious rooms. Golden hookah surface reflects light visually, enhances the space filling it with light.

The Hi-tech club trademark ensures the highest level of quality of its patented smoking characteristics and gold hookah will provide extra warmth to your home.

Love your health - enjoy high-quality hookah smoking. Appreciate your life - decorate it worthy.