Hi-tech Club Travel hookah.

Hi-tech club Travel hookah. Take your Travel hookah with you always and everywhere.  

This ergonomic, compact, and technically perfect hookah is the very first transformer-hookah in the whole world. It is ideal for traveling, fishing, outdoor parties, home usage, and any other pleasant occasion.   

The smoking system was made according to the best practice of the Hi-tech Club brand. If you learn a couple of its differences from preparing hookah with a clay cup, you will enjoy a pure taste of your favorite tobacco without its burning and surcharge.  

The innovation of a Travel hookah is that all its parts (except for the hose), could be placed inside of a bulb and closed hermetically. A comfy bag with a separate pocket for a hose was designed especially for a transformer hookah. It comes in a set.  

An ashtray connects to a hookah in a special notch on the side of the shaft and fixed with a screw nut. Also, there is an option to assembly Travel hookah with a traditional Hi-tech Club ashtray plate with high edges, which could be more useful for home smoking.   

The bulb is very special by itself because it is basically a glass tube where a bottom could be disconnected for easier washing.  

A cleaning process of a Travel hookah is quite simple because even the ashtray has a smooth bottom without a hollow at the edges, from which it is usually so difficult to remove the remains of coal. Basically, just after using a hookah, you can pour the water into the bulb and screw it up until you have time to clean it better.

It is not necessary to clean a hose after each smoking. However, it is super easy to do. A hose covering doesn’t collect dust by itself, along with a high-quality silicone (such is used in aircraft insulation), ensures fast cleaning from all pollutions.

A bulb made with well-known borosilicate glass has many advantages and is super strong because it’s significantly thick (5mm). However, don’t clean it in a dishwasher or hot water.

High - quality materials of a Travel hookah are eternal. Stainless steel is resistant to any temperature or extreme humidity conditions. This is a hookah that you will enjoy forever.

The Travel hookah is stable on any surfaces. It certainly won’t be blown away by a gust of wind because of its solid weight.

The backlight unit creates a special colorful atmosphere. Also, it could be used for other traveling purposes if needed.

The hookah comes with a single hose kit in the set, but there is an option to attach several hoses using special connectors. The most comfortable way is smoking a hookah on two hoses, as a special valve system ensures uninterrupted simultaneous smoking. Also, the kit includes an adapter for a regular clay bowl and a fruit-head.

This transformer hookah contains a lot of jewelry turning work, especially in its smallest details, so that in addition to all the obvious functionality and innovations, Travel hookah is simply aesthetically beautiful.

Therefore, Travel hookah is also an original and very high-quality gift, which is always going to be adored by its owner.

It is super comfy and practical to take Travel hookah. It will be with you always and everywhere. It will not take up much space but will bring you a lot of pleasure for sure.

Hi-tech club Travel hookah - stunning, tasty, innovative!