Hi-tech Club Pike hookah.

The Hi-tech Club, Pike hookah - the peak of your pleasure!   

A new Pike hookah is very bright and simple to use. It is a combination of innovative Hi-tech Club technologies with traditional smoking on a clay cup.   

This kind of approach provides super resistance of hookah in a rush business usage as well as work with clay cups, which is familiar for most of the hookah masters.  

A high steel pipe with a spectacular carbon coating cools the fume very well.  

Pike hookah is easy to carry into the lounge room while holding the shaft with one hand. There is also a port for fixing the mouthpiece. The hookah can be placed on the table or put next to it.     

The backlight unit is tight so that you can make cocktails with ice in a bulb, and condensation will not damage the backlight. The Hi-tech Club fume coolant element also fits this model and provides a much longer cooling effect than stuffing a bulb with ice.     

A diffuser makes the smoking process quieter. It improves the filtration and cooling of the smoke. Three stand’s legs provide stability. The backlight adds color to the smoke inside the bulb and the surrounding area.  

Fruit-head looks very bright and smokes amazing on a Hi-tech Club Pike hookah.  

You can place gift inscriptions, engravings, and logos on a bulb and metal parts of this beautiful hookah. Such customization serves as an additional marketing move to promote your lounge and to attract new visitors.

Full cleaning of a bulb with one exhalation, perfect traction, bright appearance, thick taste, and saturated smoke.

Hookah Hi-tech Club Pike. On the very top.