Hi-tech club Сoral hookah

Hi-tech club Сoral  hookah. The taste of rest.

For hookah- rest funs and real gourmet waterpipe smoking is primarily associated with a pleasant vacation in warm countries. With gorgeous Coral it’s so easy to imagine yourself on the pleasant seaside at any time and season.

A stylish delicate pattern of stand really plays with imagination and one can see the most pleasant things he adores like a wonderful view of the sun through the leaves, delicate cobweb of Indian summer and, of course, sophistication of precious corals.

In addition to the creation the desired relaxing atmosphere of a seaside holiday, Hi-tech club Coral hookah looks fantastic on boats and fiery discos. 

Owing to its low centre of gravity, hookah is stable to tipping and it doesn't include easy-to-break elements. 

The environment of this model enjoyment is much more wider than marine fantasy.

This hookah is awarded with the best hi-tech style features, and conformably combines its refined form with exceptional taste of fume, which is guaranteed by the patented structure of the hookah.

The Coral hookah's water jar is just perfect for cocktails!

It looks awesome with any of inflorescences and fruit, and with its backlights our hookah is able to create a real tropical holiday for you.

Owing to the talented design decision, hookah is very easy to assemble, and it is extremely compact in a packaged form. You can enjoy high quality water-pipe smoking rest, taking our hookah with you on your vacation.

If you want to feel a cool breeze touch, simply connected a hose with stylish cooling element!

Hi-tech club Сoral hookah. The inspiring  rest.