Hi-tech club hookah with red wine

Various recipes are being creating to diversify the shisha rest, to complete the taste of tobacco and to get a new pleasant gustatory sense.

Adding red wine to a hookah liquid, especially with backlight hookah illumination, will provide you a variety of colour effects.

Hi-tech club hookah with white wine

For example, if you illuminate red wine hookah liquid with red hookah backlight - you will get an amazing red colour gradient along the entire height of the bulb.

However, it is really important to use a high-quality red wine, without any admixture of artificial colours.

But if you want to reach a better taste of fume the author of Hi-tech club hookahs, recommends to use white wine instead of red one.

Hi-tech club shisha with wine

Add 50-100 grams of dry white wine into the water.

It's a perfect amount of wine for a standard bulb Hi-tech Club hookah as wine evaporation will not spoil the pure taste of tobacco.

The author’s favourite flavour combination of hookah is white dry wine with "Wild Berry" tobacco.

Hi-tech club hookah taste with wine

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