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According to Carol Jackson, the author of the book “Colour Me Beautiful”, colour treatment can be used to enhance one’s mind and spirit.

Known psychiatrist said "skillfully selected range of colours has more capable salutary influence to our nervous system, than any other medicine." There are many written books about the theory of chromo therapy and there is a countless amount of different lamps and devices for charging from the colour energy. Our ultimate Hi-tech Club hookah has all necessary parameters for using it in medical and harmonizing purposes, especially in combination with such relaxation tradition as water-pipe smoking.

Using Hi-tech Club hookah, there is an opportunity to illuminate a hookah's bulb. Not the mention the fact, highlighting is quite powerful. There is a remote control mode with different light regimes.

A backlight is located under a hookah's bulb. When a bulb is illuminated by a backlight it spreads soft colour illuminations to the surrounding area as well as to the fume.

Watching of such kind of colour is extremely fascinating, and makes the atmosphere relaxed and blissful.

If you know several simple ways of using a hookah lighting, you can get more specific desired influence effects to the organism.

This science is well known as a colour therapy or chromo therapy, from the Greek word "chroma" which means "light."

The actual date of colour therapy origin as a science is impossible to count exactly, but we can assume that its study began at the time when ancient people had noticed the healing properties of sunlight.

It’s interesting to know that archaeologists found a specially designed room in Egypt temples for splitting sun rays to the colour spectrum.

After a while ancient people realized that different rainbow colours impact a human body in a different way. It can either soothe or heal or in contrast, can cause a discomfort.

According to ancient scriptures, even Queen Nefertiti used coloured oils for cosmetic purposes, believing that green and red colour tints provide a positive impact to her skin, health and breathtaking beauty.

Chromotherapy takes a special role in Ayurveda. Meditation with a certain colour for particular chakra is the oldest method of self-healing restoring balance and harmony. In ancient China, Persia and India people used colour therapy for curing somatic disease.

Nowadays even official medicine accepts colour healing methods. Years ago one scientist was awarded by Nobel Prize for discovery in the chromotherapy field.

For chromotherapy you should be dressed in a white or light-coloured clothes, because in this case you will better absorb the colour.

Even without deeply delving into the theory of colour therapy, it is useful to know its major effects and successfully use this knowledge with harmonizing backlighting of Hi-tech club hookah.

Red colour.

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Eliminates the sadness and negative thoughts. Ancient people associated red with vitality. A German physician Georg von Langdorf discovered that the red color can dilate blood vessels and raises a blood pressure.

Just turn the red backlight of your hookah if you feel the lack of energy or unwillingness to do difficult but necessary chores. There is a need to normalize the metabolism and blood circulation.

It gives us the energy to do great things. Red is the colour of strong people, it represents perseverance and the will, courage and fun. It stimulates and provides a very strong, but at the same time, a rather rude energy. It promotes activity and confidence. However, if you have a high blood pressure, do not heal yourself for more than 20 minutes with this colour.

There is an interesting fact that working capacities seriously rises with the red light contact because of excitation of the nervous system.

Just after 10 minutes of this contact our inner labour reserves will be increased by 26% due to the increase of muscle tension and speed. It has been established that the red illumination increases the power of firm handshake in 2 times.

You can watch on the illuminated red hookah in the morning instead of the next cup of coffee to wake up easily and for getting more energy.

Physiological effect: releases adrenaline and stimulates the nervous system, increases the amound of red cells in the blood and improves blood circulation, stimulates the libido. As this colour warms, it should be used for people who are prone to colds.

Psychological effect: it gives the sense of security, confidence for future, helps to cope better with adversity and generates leadership qualities.

Orange colour.

Compels to go forward, helps to defeat fatigue and apathy.

Orange is useful for normalizing the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. It is the colour of action, enthusiasm and freedom, it will help you to build a new life, to maintain the courage and the ability to express feelings openly in the communication.

Physiological effects: the reaction on orange light is a great mood and excellent state of health. This colour balances the hormonal status, helping on the one hand to adapt to the circumstances, and on the other hand to exceed the limits and to find a solution beyond usual outlook.

Orange is a spektrospokicheskim colour of calcium and it helps its digestion in the human body. Moreover this colour stimulates milk produsing of nursing mothers.

Psychological effect: it relieves from discomfort and helps to forgive an offence in some unresolved situations. If you are in deadlock and afraid of changing, which will open new horizons in life, you should refer for power of orange. Working with this colour, a person instinctively feels the right way in tangled situations.

Green colour.

style sheesha Hi-tech club It’s the most harmonious and balanced of all colours - it is neither hot nor cold, neither active nor passive. It is the colour of great change.

Green is the gateway to freedom, the colour of friendly relations, it dismisses the negativity and stress, soothes and restores stability.

This is an emotional indicator – when there is the lack of green colours, one can have a heartache, which may be caused by envy and jealousy. Green stimulates people to wholeness and love.

Physiological effect: contributes to rhythmic work of heart, eyes rest and it has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-allergic effect.

Psychological effect: if you don't have anough green colour contact, you wont be a harmony person. Refer to it in the most stormy periods of your life, it will calm you and cool excessive emotions.

Therefore, when you have to make a decision, adjust a green hookah' backlight. It is a very productive colour, especially in business. A characteristic feature of this color is practicality. It disposes people to be generous and brings the world of comfort.

An half an hour before bedtime spend 10-20 minutes in the company of a hookah with a green glow, it's a great help for insomnia.

Yellow colour.

ultimate hookah Hi-tech club It's contributes to the understanding of information and to have a better intelligence, gives vivacity to the mind, promotes clarity and precision of thought, arouses curiosity.

Yellow helps to accept new ideas and points of view of others people. It is the colour of optimistic and energetic people.

It is noticed that yellow colour strengthens the central nervous system, helps to be outgoing and eliminates from the intrusive thoughts.

Use yellow colour at the beginning of water pipe smoking, for making a company to talk easily and set people to be open and positive.

Physiological effect: yellow provides a good digestive system. It mainly treats a bile. Improves memory.

Psychological effect: leads people to share their feelings free from negativity that could undermine self-confidence.

Contributes to a better self-organization and concentration. It's a joyful stimulating colour. This colour is associated with intelligence and expressiveness. It promotes fair and fast decision-making.

Blue colour.

limitid edition hookah Hi-tech club It is the color of pure consciousness, confidence, peace and revelation.

Use Hi-tech Club hookah with this colour backlight to avoid fatigue even with prolonged contact for about 30 minutes, but be sure you keep yourself warm after this cold colour with a different colour lighting hookah.

This is the most powerful analgesic colour spectrum. It is able to reduce the effects of pollution of water, food and air, as well as to remove negative vibrations that can penetrate to our subconscious.

Physiological effect: it treats eyes and nose and helps with insomnia. It is a great anesthetic against angina and rheumatism. Blue lowers blood pressure and calms breathing.

Psychological effect: blue develops psychic abilities. Clears the mind, free from anxiety and fear, so you can hear your intuition. With this colour shift to more subtle levels of consciousness becomes easier. It’s not recommended for people who are prone to a seasonal depression. This colour will erase your painful memories and helps to cope with the emotional turmoil, promotes inspiration. It is a wonderful cleaner.

With this colour is easier to understand, what in this life you have to get rid of. If you feel youself overworked, just sit with a hookah with blue and then green light for half an hour before bedtime.

Cyan colour.

designer hookah sheesha Hi-tech club It represents the highest mind. Generally diplomats have blue aura.

Sometimes the desire for this colour means thirst for change.

Cyan colour will not benefit if you want to lose weight. It’s observed that it is attracted by fat people, because it calms and encourages them to love themselves as they are. Also extra pulling for cyan colour is a characteristic for weak and spineless people.

If after smoking hookah you immediately want to go to bad, we recommend you to end the hookah smoking tradition with watching cyan colour backlight. It will help you to fall asleep fast and without much thought. Physiological effect: it has anti-inflammatory effect.

Cyan colour is helpfull in stress and nervousness because it can reduce blood pressure. If it is too much of cyan, you can feel laziness, but these properties of cyan colour can help with unwanted hyperreactivity and bustle.

It can be also used with elevated temperature, use cyan Hi-tech Club hookah backlight 5 times per day for 20 - 30 min.

Psychological effect: cyan colour brings peace and contentment, stimulate to relax, helps with shyness.

Cyan promotes creativity, as it helps to turn away from the outside world and, being left alone with our thoughts, to contemplate and quietly meditate. If you are engaged in hookah smoking meditative practices, install hookah lighting in a cyan emission spectrum.

Purple colour.

beautiful hookah sheesha Hi-tech club The magnificent colour, usually presented in the garment of the clergy and kings. It is the colour of inspiration for creative individuals.

It helps to make everything that happens in your life with a calm mind, soothes the soul and nourishes it with the energy of inspiration. Purple unites body and mind, material and spiritual needs.

Purple colour is very powerful. It carries the peace combining strength and softness. This is the colour of the highest energy of humanity, kindness and love.

Soak up in purple colour to identify and release your hidden features. When purple is disliked it is the sign of a developed sense of duty and desire to live only in the present.

This is a typical colour of harmoniously developed people. Purple is the colour of pregnant women, this is the sourse of getting the strength for expectant mothers.

Physiological effect: treats fatigue and pain in the eyes, purifies the blood, produces leucocytes, maintains a balance of potassium and sodium.

Psychological effect: helps with negative mental states: neurosis, loss of faith, despair, loss of self-esteem. Supports the immune system and can soothe frazzled nerves.

If you are lonely or you feel yourself cut from the life, set the hookah backlight on the purple color - it will protect you.

Not the mention the fact, green or blue colours therapy should not exceed more than 15 minutes, and targeted treatment by red colour should last less than 8 minutes. Work with complementary colour - 3 minutes for red and blue and 7 minutes for green and purple.

Just for relaxation use backlight in the most pleasant colour for you. Use the entire spectrum of harmonizing energy of hookah Hi-tech Club. Excellent taste of the smoke, pleasant company and the energy of the colours will create a blissful holiday of communication and relaxation.

Hi-tech Club hookahs. Shed new light in your life!