box hookah Hi-tech club

If you have ordered hookah in standard kit packaging, hookah Hi-tech club is delivered to your home in such a compact form.

A cardboard box is as ergonomic as hookah itself that means that it’s one is thought out to the smallest detail.


box Hi-tech club hookah

The main suitcase contains three more boxes inside with the same structured gray-silver cardboard. The boxes don't have any unnecessary markings.

Simple, strict, stylish. As hookah is made of high quality materials, and its weight is rather decent box handle is not an extra design element. In other words it will be absolutely comfortable to carry the box with hookah.

stand hookaр sheesha Hi-tech club
It's how inner elements of the main case look like.
hookah stand Hi-tech club хайтек
Hookah looks like the gathering element for the boxes keeping them all together. Actually plays the same role gathering people around it.
Hi-tech club classic hookah

We show you this unpacking example with the very first hookah product of Yaroslav Bondarenko - model Hi-tech Classic hookah. This hookah became a top-end of Hi-tech club hookah line several years ago.

It is admired by pipe smoking gourmet of ancient water pipe smoking tradition not only due to its stunning design but mostly to it flavouring quality of fume.

waterpipe bulb Hi-tech Club

Two tube-boxes contain a glass flask, and all other high quality stainless steel items. In a flat - wide box without any unnecessary bends contains a long snake of hose.

Let's consider this stuff in detail.

Inside the bulb box there are two cardboard fixing elements. In fact, the bulb has very thick wall, as it is made with borosilicate glass, and it’s very hard to break it.

So this kind of bulb fixing elements in the package is more comfortable then usefull.

hookah hi-tech club Butterfly

A water jar of Hi-tech club Classic, Coralica and Butterfly hookah models can be matte or crystal clear.

They both have their own appropriate advantages in the colour effects with the light interaction.

In turn, fascinating Hi-tech club Butterfly hookah, has slightly different form of the bulb. That completes its sophisticated style.

At the same time Hi-tech club Friendly hookahs in its essence are always unique and have their own packaging form which is significantly different from all other Hi-tech Club hookahs.

hookah details Hi-tech Club
In the second box-tube, a bowl for coal and tobacco, backlighting, a tool for fruit shisha preparation and waterpipe’s shaft with a valve are compactly packed on its shelves.
hookah elevents Hi-tech club
The amount and characteristics of the valve depend on the chosen hookah configuration whether it’s a hookah with one or two hoses.
Hi-tech club sheesha

During simultaneous usage of too hoses, a special patented valve system provides an easy traction for both smoking hookah smokers.

You can also use the hookah model with two- hoses connecting only one hose. You need only one setting for the unused hole using special valve that will ensure integrity and interesting smoke effects by blowing air through a mouthpiece in hookah.

Hookah backlight Hi-tech-Club
To enjoy backlight colour effects we need only three AAA batteries. Backlight's remote console allows you to set your colour preferences like a virtuoso designer, choose a specific colour of hookah bulb backlight and use special setting of light intensity.
hookah hose Hi-tech Club

Near a hose in a special compartment there is a hookah bowl, the main diffusion tube and a mouthpiece. All these details, as well as all hookah elements, can be hermetically assembled due to bolted joints.

This makes hookah assembly and disassembly quick and enjoyable look like you are doing Lego Systems for adults.

shesha hookah Hi-tech club

As a result of constant perfection of Yaroslav Bondarenko’s thought, a hose of Hi-tech Club hookah changes considerably. Hose evolved huge while Hi-tech club hookah evolution.

The main goal of hookah innovation was to get rid of metal rusting elements which caused disgusting metal taste. Therefore, the first idea was to create a glass mouthpice, and to make a silicone hose, because silicon is the best kind of material for these purposes.

After a few upgrades, Yaroslav has created such a modern hose and mouthpiece which can satisfy the highest author's demands to the quality.

After series of changes, new elements have got a well calculated cross-sectional diameter, and a freezer is attached to hookah rather easily and it looks very trendy. Not the mention the fact a hose and mouthpiece don’t absorb odors as well don’t assume dust and lint.

glass for hookah Hi-tech Club
One more useful hookah accessory is a glass cover for coal.
bowl for coal hookah Hi-tech Club
You should order this item, if you are going to enjoy waterpipe smoking outdoors, with the possibility of sudden wind gusts, or as a protection from incidental touches to hot coals.
hookah sheesha Hi-tech Club freezer
Especially for fans of cold fume, Jaroslav developed a special freezer element.
hookah freezer Hi-tech Club
This element is connected to the hose instead of the tip and after pre-freezing of one hour, it provides a cool fume for 40-50 minutes. High-tech style freezer is hermetically and it is easy and pleasant for usage.
bag hookah Hi-tech club
You can also hold your Hi-tech club hookah in a specially designed leather bag, with separate compartments for each item. The bag is much more durable and classy then other standard packaging it will be certainly more convenient to transfer the hookah.
sheesha Hi-tech club
In a conclusion of our brief unpacking overview is a picture of some sheesha parts from the space. Because Hi-tech Club hookah is really cosmic hookah!))
Hi-tech club hookah. Like it. Taste it. Own it!