How to prepare and smoke a tasty Hi-tech club hookah 

how to make delicious Hi-tech club hookah

For Hi-tech Club hookah smoking you need quite small amount of tobacco.


There are a many ways of preparing tobacco before smoking, and they all are great for our Hi-tech Club hookah.  

After choosing the tobacco taste, we need to fluff tobacco, in order to let hot air easily move through it.  

Not the mention the fact, there are exist several methods of making tobacco fluffed.


How to prepare tobacco for hookah.

 The easiest recipe of tobacco preparing for an ultimate Hi-tech Club hookah.

how to prepare tobacco for Hi-tech club hookah

Using a toothpick, put a little tobacco inside a bowl right from the pack or the tin of tobacco.

You should put tobacco a little more than a half of the bowl.

prepare tobacco for shisha Hi-tech club

   The variant tobacco making recommended by the author.

tobacco making Hi-tech club hookah

Put a required amount of tobacco on a cutting board and finely chop it with a knife.

You can also mix different tastes of tobacco.

tobacco for hookah Hi-tech club
bowl for hookah tobacco Hi-tech club

Then using a toothpick, put tobacco into the bowl for tobacco.

shisha tobacco high tech hookah
hookah tobacco Hi-tech club hookah

The final step of the tobacco preparation is making a funnel inside the tobacco for free air passage, -move the tobacco to the walls not pressing it together.

Hi-tech club hookah tasty tobacco
Hi-tech club hookah bowl for tobacco

Place the Hi-tech Club hookah bowl for tobacco and cover it with the bowl for coal.

Hi-tech club hookah bowl for coal

How to puff Hi-tech Club hookah

puff Hi-tech club hookah

Put the coal, that is red in all sides, in the middle of the bowl for coal. You need 2 large or 3 small pieces of it.

how to puff Hi-tech club hookah

Beginning of premium Hi-tech club hookah smoking

Start puffing a gorgeous hookah.

In less than one minute your ultimate Hi-tech Club hookah will be ready, the taste of tobacco will be fully revealed, and the Hi-tech club hookah system will be saturated with heat.

perfect Hi-tech club hookah

Move the coal from the centre of the bowl towards the edges

From this point having such a coal arrangement your Hi-tech Club hookah will have enough heat for high – quality smoking.

Enjoy the perfect Hi-tech Club hookah rest!