hookah accessory hi tech club

Undoubtedly, accessories for exclusive hookahs just have to be comfortable, qualitative and high-tech.

Firstly, Yaroslav Bondarenko perfected all the features of his hookahs and then he started designing accessories with the same inspiration and engineer-innovational mind.

Since then, hookah Hi-tech Club has constantly replenished its equipment with new technically perfect accessories for the delight of regulars and newcomers of our high-tech hookah club.

Hookah smoking in two pipes.

accessory hookah two hoses

In addition to the standard hookah kit, you can buy a set with two horizontal valves and one additional hose.

Special thermo system provides perfect temperature in order tobacco not to burn. Besides, hookah Hi-tech Club is completely sealed and it has got increased diametre of holes. Owing to these characteristics, hookah smoking can be excellent with two tubes.

For the full enjoyment of two tubes smoking, a special valve system has been made. It allows to smoke simultaneously or alternately, without closing a mouthpiece with finger. It also guarantees easy and saturated tasty smoke for both smokers.

two pipes hookah accessory

To assemble hookah with two pipes, you need to fasten horizontal valves on both shaft holes, and then connect hoses to them.

Smoking a hookah with two pipes is perfect for a large company. Owing to a long hose, you can sit around the hookah at a comfortable distance. Besides, the system allows you not to think whose turn is to puff and everyone can enjoy smoking at her or his own pace.

Glass protection for hookah coals.

стекло защита для угля кальян high tech

To protect hot coal from the wind on terraces, balconies and just outside it is convenient to use glass protection.

Tempered thick-walled glass isn't fragile and it can be safety transported as well as kept. It also can be placed close to hot coals and it always remains cold at the bottom, so you can touch it with the help of tweezers or simply with bare hands.

Accessory for ultimate coal protection

accsessory for hookah coal protector

Hookahs Hi-tech Club have are very stable. Hookah model Friendly is a perfect roly-poly to smoke outdoors.

However, there are circumstances when a simple glass for coal protection is not enough.

For example, in some US states hookah-bar can obtain its license only if it can ensure the full protection of clients in any emergency with hot hookah coals.

accsessory for hookah protector for coal

For such hookah bars and for smoking in exclusive apartments, metal protector for coal has been designed.

The peculiarity of this protection for coal is that one part is fixed on the top of a plate with a screw-nut, and the other part is snapped in a special way on the bowl for tobacco and on the bowl for coals.

This system ensures that even when shisha falls, all coals will remain inside the protector and nothing will be burnt.

Cooling element for hookah fume.

hookah freezer for cold fume

It is a well known fact that smoking of cool fume is really tasty. To get a cold fume hookah servers contrive to make mojito from ice in a hookah bulb, they froze mouthpieces and pack ice into plastic coolers. All these methods give a short-term effect and require long preparing.

Cooler for hookah Hi-tech Club is made from a stylish stainless steel. It can be frozen together with a tube or without it, - as one wishes.

The cooler can be attached instead of a mouthpiece and it doesn't gain heat from the hands. This hookah accessory has no expiry date and in fact is an eternal tool.

After freezing the cooler freezer for 45 minutes, in a freezer you will enjoy cold smoke for about an hour.

The special charm of the cooler is that it reveals your favorite tobacco taste completely differently. It doesn’t matter when you smoke - summer or winter, a cool smoke of our hookah always diversifies your leisure.

Nozzle for fruit.

hookah nozzle for fruit

A standard hookah Hi-tech Club kit contains a special nozzle for smoking on the fruit.

The nozzle is screwed directly on a hookah bowl, and thereby it’s both a locking element and an adapter for smoking on fruit.

The same element can be used as an adapter for all of types of bowls, for example, for a standard clay bowl.

Bag for hookah Hi-tech Club .

bag for chicha high tech

Standard hookah packaging is a box with separate compartments for all hookah parts that ensures safe shipment. Also it is convenient for temporary storage of hookah Hi-tech Club. For cozy and safe hookah usage genuine leather bag has been developed as an accessory.

bag for hookah hi tech club

Our high-tech hookah is rather heavy and it is more comfortable to carry, ship and keep it in a special bag. The bag for shisha has lots of compartments, pockets and even a separate cover for a bulb.

Owing to a special design of the main bag section, it is convenient to take all items out of it. There are several straps for hookah stand fixation which are located in a hookah bag bottom.

bag for hookah

Hookah bags for Hi-tech Club differ in size and in the color of leather. For this reason the bag for the Butterfly hookah model has been made in a larger size.

High quality leather provides a long usage term, over the years this bag hookah will look even more stylish.

Engraving on the hookah Hi-tech Сlub.

engraving on the hookah

Our high-tech hookah is a bright perfect designed device for a pleasant rest, so guests of lounge bars and restaurants like to be photographed with it in order to capture pleasant moments.

Marking on metal elements the logo of the name of hookah lounge, shows its high status, raises brand awareness and attracts even more visitors.

Branding and putting dedicatory inscriptions and images is possible on all metal parts of the hookah. A special technology of putting engraving ensures abrasion resistance.

tongs for hookah accsessory

Tongs for hookah.

The development of Hi-tech Club hookah accessories like tongs is at its finish line is. Its high-tech design and special material they are made from, makes them comfortable and durable in use.

Enjoy hookahs Hi-tech Club, they give you light and warmth, relaxation and inspiration.