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Hookah- lovers often use milk in casual hookah the recipes for softer and more pleasant the taste of fume.

This effect is achieved due to the fact that water has a lower density than milk, therefore smoke is purified through it much more better.

Hi-tech club hookahs with milk

The Hi-tech club hookah construction, its materials, especially the diffuser and the bulb provides the maximum smoke purification, so you will not notice much difference between the taste with milk or without it.

Especially for milk Hi-tech Club hookah lovers we give a simple recipe. As, Hi-tech club hookahs are convenient to assemble and disassemble, they can be easily cleaned after a milkshake.

milk Hi-tech club hookah

For a tasty milk hookah it is enough to add only 50- 100ml chilled milk into the water. Make sure that the milk is totally fatless or contains only 1% of fat.

Fat milk will not affect taste better, but it will make a lot of bubbles.

It will be appropriate to use coffee, cappuccino, chocolate or cocoa flavours of tobacco. You can also add into your milk hookah some coffee or cocoa beverages.

Hi-tech club hookah construction

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