A few years ago, we did not have such an excitement about hookah and they were perceived as simple opportunity to diversify cigarette smoking. Mostly tourists bought light and small hookahs with them as a memory of the atmosphere of pleasant holiday abroad. As we used to spend our weekends at home without a waterpipe, the device was very simple and cheap and no producer paid attention to chicha quality.

As people started smoking hookah at home and lounge bars it is no longer necessary to wait for vacations to relax and smoke hookah. What is more with hookah you can arrange a pleasant holiday any day of the working week.

Fans began looking for a long-term usage and good quality hookahs and undoubtedly old fashion smoking devices of mass production weren't be able to meet such requests.

Nowadays this ancient tradition become popular and desired in big cities all around the world a lot of hookah bars and lounge areas where you can smoke different kind of have been opened. Vacationers take hookahs to picnics, buy shisha as a gift, and even rent hookahs for celebrations.

So is it possible to buy shisha online at a reasonable price and of a good quality?

For example many stores in the capital of Ukraine and even some tobacco stalls actively offer products of the cheapest price segment from Egypt, Turkey, Syria, India and China. At the same time to buy high quality hookahs in Kiev you need to work hard. To find and to buy the best shisha you have to contact local manufacturer. With the invention of modern and sophisticated high-tech hookah Hi-tech Club in Kyiv, you can easily find a decent modern hookah.

Nowadays hookahs are not only imported to Ukraine, but also exported to the countries all over the world as Hi-tech Club hookah is known to be the product of the highest quality standard.

Hookah is one of the most extraordinary elements of luxury!

Today, high-quality hookah is not only the realization of ancient culture of smoking, but also design hookahs are used as the main element of the interior space. One of the main tasks of modern hookah in our hectic digital age is to create an atmosphere of complete peace of mind, physical relaxation and aesthetic comfort. These modern hookahs have received a new predestination to be as important tools of communication.

Owing to a unique design of hookah Hi-tech Club you don’t need to wait your turn to smoke any more. This feature, in addition to perfect taste characteristics of our high-tech hookahs, for sure unites the good people around it in the desired atmosphere of full friendly relaxation.

Classic hookahs that are put by manufacturers on a mass flow, no longer keep up with the implementation of the requests of modern water pipe gourmets.

Those who have tried to smoke premium Hi-tech Club Hookah, have a desire to continue this high- quality smoking enjoyment. In contrast to common hookahs models shortcomings, hookah Hi-tech Club has great amount of advantages.

With hukka Hi-tech Club, smoker vacationer is no longer worried about the constant need to move the coal, in order tobacco not to burn. Also there is no foil which is potentially an unwanted element, as it contains harmful chemical elements which are evaporated and consequently exhaled by a smoker.

The bitterness of smoke, taste of metal, bad draw and other disadvantages of common hookahs the is caused by outdated hookah constructions and the usage of low- quality materials. About 95% of hookahs which you can buy online, have all these disadvantages. But why do we spend money on those things that won't provide us full enjoyment, or even may be harmful for our health?

Buy online hookah Hi-tech Club - the right choice in favor of quality smoking

If you want to buy a hookah online, the best choice is a manufacturer with quality guarantee and friendly advice. We can offer you a unique patented design of the hookah. Developed with technical calculations heat extraction system ensures perfect non-bitter taste of tobacco and the fume thick and purely soft. The shaft for tobacco has special cooling ribs that provide effective distribution of heat. As a result, tobacco is heated proportionally and a very small amount of tobacco is enough to smoke for a hour and even more!

Compare this important characteristic with common shishas, where you have to fill a large bowl for tobacco almost up to the top to have a smoke that will last just half an hour.

The increase of the shaft, hose and mouthpiece diametre leads to much easier draw. Avoiding the usage of silumin in the shaft, which has a porous structure, allows to get rid of the main disadvantages of classical hookahs - the accumulation of odors.

Technology of Hi-tech Club makes the process of smoking the most comfortable.

Metal parts of high-tech hookah are made of food stainless steel. As there are no painted items hookah keeps its original look even if you wash it in a dishwasher. Looking at the details of a hookah Hi-tech Club construction, you will discover that the tube shaft has a diffuser for better filtering of smoke and for quieter inhale sound. Habitual gurgling and hissing, that caused to call sheesha a hubble-bubble in ancient times, greatly muffled, - no more extra sounds disturb the atmosphere of your tranquility and relaxation.

Due to the joint connections (vase, tube and valve are assembled by to screw connections) our hi-tech hookah completely hermetical. A low center of gravity makes Hi-tech Club hukka resistant to overturn.

This fact is very important for restaurants business, where such reliable and high-quality things are so required. The hose of hookah Hi-tech Club is made of durable silicone. Shisha vase is made from Czech glass SIMAX- one of the best in the world! Since the manufacturing of the bulb takes place directly in Kyiv, it is possible to create a unique brand- sign and to create a colorful vase. By the way, there is also the possibility of branding the mouthpiece and hookah stand.

Your hookah Hi-tech Club will be really exclusive!

If you want to buy a led hookah online, the author of Hi-tech Club has something to surprise its customers. Buying a hookah, you get more then a complete LED console, that works with three mini penlight batteries, you also get a lot of fun because there are many possible modes and colors. This light therapy works!

Our high-tech hookahs are famous not only in Ukraine and nearest countries. We are happy to provide their delivery everywhere in the world. At the same time, be aware of fakes,- as you can buy a counterfeit imitation of Hi-tech Club design, as many hookah bars in Kiev, Moscow and other big cities mistakenly buy. Take into consideration that buying a lame fake you won't get any guarantee of the quality of the device and the quality of smoking. Fakes are made of black painted metal and undoubtedly it will not serve long.

Only the author of original Hi-tech Club is the guarantor of the suprime quality!

To taste and to buy one of the best hookahs in the world, call 38 (050) 591-65-47 (Kyiv) or email info@hi-techclub.com.

You can buy a hookah online, find Your hookah, or make your personal order to the author. If you want to have some unique features of your hookah, you can make a special order. Have a rest and taste the best!

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