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Hookah is a key element of the trend and creates a unique atmosphere in any restaurant, bar or café as well as outdoors during different festivals, picnics, or parties.

If your aim is to attract more of respectable guests provide them an opportunity to smoke a good hookah at your place.

Hi-tech Club premium hookah is a great way to create a friendly atmosphere in the company and to have a chance to relax with honouring the ancient tradition of water pipe smoking in its high-quality performance.

Exclusive hookah- is always a good gift for those who appreciate the quality of rest.

profit Hi-tech club hookah smoking

Purchasing a designer hookah, you make an excellent money investment!

Luxurious Hi-tech club hookahs, are very profitable in usage.

Unlike casual models of other hookahs, our premium Hi-tech Club hookah needs 2-2.5 times less of tobacco.

The unique design of the hookah shaft effectively distribute the heat over the entire area of tobacco.

In this case, hookah flavour quality is reached due to the unique entire hookah system rather than to the usage of a huge quantity of tobacco.

The process of smoking putting only 6 grams of tobacco is possible during one and a half an hour. The smoke is delicious, dense and rich. Not the mention the fact tobacco never burns and never has a bitter taste!

In the process of innovative improvements, water pipe smoking process of eco Hi-tech club hookahs got rid of harmful foil and the need of constant caring of the coal has disappeared.

Due to patented bolted join Hi-tech club hookah assembly and disassembly is simple.


That’s why you do not have to train your staff to work with a Hi-tech Club hookah, as it’s absolutely easy in exploitation. Any waiter can easily assembly hookah details and put tobacco correctly from the first try.

buy high tech hookah for business

Thus, Hi-tech club hookahs provide to the owners of hookah bars, restaurants and hookah lounges unique opportunity to save on consumable material and to optimize staff worktime.

Besides, exclusive Hi-tech Club hookahs are particularly suitable for business usage because it don’t have the painted parts: hookah elements are made with food stainless steel, so they can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, and even after many washes in hard water with chemicals, they will retain its original look.

More information about premium Hi-tech Club hookahs

beautiful Hi-tech club hookah puff

Extended diametre of a shaft, a hose and a mouthpiece provides an easy hookah draw. Due to the design features, two people can simultaneously smoke a - there is no need to wait for their turn! Actually, the casual model of other hookahs cannot certainly provide of such possibility.

Those people who at least once have tasted Hi-tech Club hookah, are very fond of its exclusive properties. Due to the right centre of gravity the author’s Hi-tech club hookahs are proportional and very stable. Such a feature of hookah stability is extremely important for establishments with high customers attendance or for small hookah bars.

A brilliant addition to a perfect atmosphere created by a hookah its amazing backlight. A beautiful bulb illumination comes from special elements that work only with 3 small penlight batteries. Hookah backlighting has many colour variations and creates very beautiful shades intertwining with the hookah fume! It looks spectacular and fascinating. You and your guests will enjoy it for sure!

How to buy a premium hookah with your branding sign

Hi-tech club shisha branding

If you order one or more ultimate Hi-tech club hookah, we can also put your company logo in hookah elements. Also it is possible to put dedicatory inscriptions, family emblems and other signs.

The price of this service is discussed individually and depends on the complexity of work.

How to buy an exclusive Hi-tech Club hookah? We do shipping worldwide!

Beware of falsifications! Jaroslav Bondarenko- the only author and producer of Hi-tech Club hookahs.

Ask all questions at +38 (050) 591-65-47, or Viber and WatsApp +38 (050) 570-22-49, also you can always write us: e-mail info @ hi-techclub.com

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