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Hookah itself has many exclusive features that considerably distinguish it substantially comparing to other products of the same purpose. When you give a first look at high-tech hookahs you will get a sense of aesthetic delight and you will be rather confused if these devices are as perfect to smoke as they perfectly looks.We are proud to claim that our Hi-tech club hookah has exclusively amazing smoking specifications.

In spite of the popularity of the hookahs their author hasn't started mass production. Each kalyan is his personal pride and work of the highest quality.

Hookahs manufacturing is so personal and exclusive, that in some models, you can be the designer of shisha bulb and even stand of your unique hookah.

Hookah bulbs of the model Hi-tech Club Friendly are manufactured in the ancient traditions of working with free-blown glass. Each bulb is exclusive and unique in its shape, size and colour performance. You can order a hookah according to your design and make your hookah really a unique one.

A design exclusive hookah is a great gift even for those people who have everything!

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Hunters of original and stylish things, gourmets and lovers of water pipe smoking buy Hi-tech Club hookahs to illuminate their vacation, to decorate their home or place of work to complete high aesthetic taste.

Hi-tech club hookahs is well-known in the world as a one of the best inventions in the culture of smoking, as it completes the ancient tradition with modern high-tech special charm and friendly atmosphere.

The unique patented system of our high-tech devices, modern materials, and gorgeous designer specialties that are implemented in each of these "pipes of the World" with great care and love make Hi-tech club hookah really an exclusive one.

The idea of creating exclusive hookahs

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There are a lot of smoking devices that pretend to be exclusive only due to its new design solutions. There is a great amount of braids for hoses, cooling elements made with cheap coloured plastic, or even hookah made of bulb bottles. However, an outdated technology of heat system in these shishas still remains unchanged.

According to the Hi-tech club hookah history, the author came to an idea to create a unique designer hookah with perfect taste characteristics. At the same time the most important thing in every good idea is its implementation.

The idea was implemented to life exactly as it was planned, and it turned to be an unusual, modern and exclusive hookah invention. Owing to many innovations Hi-tech Club hookah, has been honoured with a patent as a brand new device for shisha smoking.

Designing of exclusive Hi-tech Club hookah

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While author was working with the development of the technical issues, he took into consideration wishes and opinion of hookah lovers and professional hookah servers. It’s striking that hookah servers were so good in the theory and practice of shisha-smoking, that they can be proclaimed as the scientists in this field.

Both hookah lovers and experienced hookah servers complain about the same inconvenience during usual hookah smoking. In traditional hookah construction, tobacco has contact with coal through a thin foil and it considerably causes tobacco to overheat and even burn. That's why fume turns bitter and smoking becomes unpleasant and tasteless.

Hookah of mass production are mostly made of cheap and easily manufactered materials, that generally cause taste of metal while smoking it. Not the mention the fact, casual shisha bulb is very fragile so it can easily be broken into small fragments.

Most hookah servers complain of their constant attachment to the hookah, during all the time when visitors smoke, because it requires a constant care and turning the coal, as well as frequent replacement of tobacco.

What is more classic shisha is usually smoked in turn, because it is very difficult to make traction at simultaneously for two or three people. In fact, the image of a hookah with two, three, or even more smoking hoses, just a pretty pictures, as it has only souvenir purpose but not a practical one. Also, a significant disadvantage of usual smoking devices is their non-hermetic features that caused a habit to cover a mouthpiece with a thumb during smoking.

Distinguishing features of exclusive Hi-tech Club hookahs

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All these inconveniences are associated with a very outdated technology of smoking. The author of Hi-tech club hookah using scientific approaches, decided to create a perfect device for tobacco smoking to solve all disadvantages of usual hookahs. Through the implementation of these approaches nowadays we have exclusive Hi-tech Club hookah which is a perfect realization of the atmosphere of total relaxation and enjoyment of delicious fume.

An exclusivity of our delicious high-tech hookah is its design and smoking characteristics. For example, due to the special design of the shaft, foil isn’t required to be used of foil while shisha smoking. Due to the special heat system tobacco never undercooked and the heat is distributed much more effectively with the help of special ribs, owing to this fragrant fume turns is thick and never bitters.

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The striking feature of Hi-tech Club hookah is that excellent smoking requires only 6-7 grams of fluffy tobacco for more than an hour (comparing with classical smoking devices which need 15-20 grams for 30 minutes of smoking).

Hookah servers are extremely pleased with the new generation of hookah. Its new features make hookah-serve much more easier and guarantee a perfect excellent taste of smoke. The owners of hookah bars, finally could reduce hookah consumables to minimum.

Moreover, the expanded diametre of the hookah bulb, and the mouth of the shaft give the opportunity to enjoy water pipe smoking simultaneously for two people. Unique but simple adjustment mechanism keeps the smoke inside the bulb and dense the fume is transferred only through the hoses.

Technology of Hi-tech Club exclusive hookahs

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The usage of bolted-join connections makes Hi-tech club hookah not only hermetic, but also provides quick disassembling and assembling. By the way, this high-tech design is very convenient to wash - you can even clean it in a dishwasher. Hookah elements are made with stainless steel with no painted items, such high- quality materials to guarantee its long-term usage, and even after a numerous cleaning it will have its original look.

Exclusive Hi-tech Club hookah has a special designed centre of gravity which makes it very stable. This feature is especially important for crouded restaurant establishments and hookah bars, picnics and festivals where isn’t always possible to find a smooth surface for the hookah location.

The usage of a unique customizable LED backlighting provides a stunning view of the hookah bulb. It’s such a pleasure contemplate visual effects of smoke, illuminated by fascinating hookah backlight.

Developing Hi-tech Club exclusive hookahs is possible due to the modern technology, advanced materials, special design inspiration, an great number of experiments, and implementation of innovative solutions.

High-tech hookahs are different not only due to their outstanding unique design, but also in nature: these patented hookahs set a new superior level, creating a relaxed harmonizing atmosphere during smoking.

Order an exclusive Hi-tech Club hookah

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Advantages of elite Hi-tech club hookah are very significant and famous. Just try and you will fall in love with this high-tech invention and stylish work of art.

We also provide worldwide shipping and we guarantee our hookahs to have high quality for your delight. If you want to buy a hookah in Kyiv - we invite you to try.

You can order an exclusive Hi-tech club hookahs after a free tasting it with its author you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this really exclusive hookah

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