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Until now, there is a opinion that the best place to buy hookah are Asian or Arab countries, as it is mistakenly believed that you can buy a real high-quality product only in the homeland of hookahs. But such a thought - nothing more than a stereotype.

Unfortunately, because of huge mass hukka production nobody thinks about the quality of manufactured product.

Afghanistan is believed to be the homeland of hookahs as smoking holes with water and reed inside were found. In Africa, India and America first water pipes were made of empty coconut shells and hollow reeds. A bit later, this "pipe of peace" acquired traditional forms of a vessel and was sold by merchants in many countries.

Nowadays hookah is getting more and more popular and has literally been turned into a popular means of communication. This kind of communication is much more pleasant than digital social networks. With a great pleasure you can smoke hookah, with old friends and new acquaintances as well. With Hi-tech Club hookah the result will be always the same - spiritual gathering, calming and complete relaxation.

Disadvantages of classic hookahs

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If you are still thinking of buying a classic model of shisha check out the list of shortcomings of traditional "tubes of the World". Number of disadvantages will definitely reduce a desired pleasure from smoking.

Almost all classic hukka models while smoking have a bitter taste because tobacco burns in such hookahs. In addition, the shaft is made of silumin with a porous structure. That’s why shisha quickly absorbs the smell of tobacco and starts to produce carcinogens and then realize that it is better to throw this cheap thing, because health is above wealth!

Most of hukka contains a spiral of black metal in the hose, so it often causes a metallic taste of fume. And one more unpleasant news. The foil, which is placed in a classic hookah, under the influence of high temperature allocates molecule of aluminum which quickly passes into the lungs of a smoker.

Take care of your health- smoke only high-quality shisha!

Unique hookahs Hi-tech Club

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You’d better think of buying a hookah without all these disadvantages. And you already know the main secret! Kyiv is the homeland of unique quality hookahs. The fume of our exclusive hookahs doesn't have a bitter taste and Hi-tech Club hookah have no shortcomings of classical models. This is where you can buy some of the best hookahs in the world!

Order hookah Hi-tech Club and don't bother yourself by the question where to buy a hookah. You’ve already found it! You should just look through our catalog to choose an appropriate model of Hi-tech Club.

It is worth to mention that smoking of our hookah is possible by two people simultaneously, providing an easy draw for both of them.

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Hookah Hi-tech Сlub is not only a unique invention for tobacco smoking. It has a wonderful effect of light therapy.

When the backlight is on and LED soft light flowing is united with thick fume, you can just watch and enjoy this magical spectacle!

Taste one of the best hookahs in the world, and see how it works.

Call: +38 (050) 591-65-47 or send an e-mail Come to visit and try the hookah Hi-tech Club.

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