How to choose a quality hookah

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Before buying a hookah, first of all, you should examine materials in which it is made of and pay much attention to its technical construction. Shisha must not be lower than 30 cm have no rubber connecting elements, as it accumulate bad odours and quickly wear out causing the loss of shisha hermeticity

It’s extremely inconvenient when the hose is attached with rubber seals, which eventually always lose all their functional qualities.It is important to pay extra attention to positive stability of the hookah, what will happens if you pull the hose and where the coals will appear moving of by careless moving of a smoking device.

Try to make out if a hookah bulb isn’t fragile and won’t break after an accidental fall. It’s very convenient if a bulb is transparent enough to see the level of water as well beauty hookah cocktails.

How to choose a quality hookah

A shisha must not contain metal elements because it quickly oxidizes and gives the taste of metal. Unfortunately, very frequently shishas of mass production have a spiral metal hose that spoils the taste and harms the health.

Don't even try to compare the quality of exclusive Hi-tech Club hookahs with traditional models of casual hookahs produced in Egypt, Turkey, India, China and other shisha manufacturers as they have totally different characteristics of smoking.

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It’s absolutely obvious that qualitative things can't be cheap. Much human labour and modern expensive materials are used in high- quality thing whether it is a good car, design clothes or modern hookahs. Long hours of invaluable researches, constant improvements and innovations assure things to be unique, exclusive and definitely of high quality.

Fake brands stamping of cheap things is an effort to cash in on the fame of an original name. On the one hand is an absolute absurd, but on the other hand - it is an indicator of brand success. In 2013, China began to fake the design of Hi-tech Club hookahs, and then "craftsmen" from Ukraine and Russia started doing the same.

In each case, a fake is only an imitation of the original hookah form but the material is low quality and cheap such as a fragile glass of a bulb or painted metal. It goes without saying that usage of such materials to realize the innovation of the patented system and excellent original smoking characteristics makes impossible.

Why are Hi-tech Club hookahs so famous except their vivid technocratic design?

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Hi-tech Club hookah is unique in every single element of its innovative thermal system. Due to the years of experiments and passionate researches elite Hi-tech Club hookah has been patented as a unique structure.

Our high-tech hookah never has bitter taste of fume due to the fact that tobacco never burns. That's why the hookah valve is designed just for visual attraction but not for blowing bitter fume off.

It takes just one minute to get a hookah puffed. It can be smoked for at least an hour, using a very small amount of tobacco. Smoke will always be thick and saturated.

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Expanded diametre of a shaft tube and a mouthpiece, as well as other design features allow two people to smoke a hookah simultaneously using two hoses.

Qualitative tempered Czech glass is used to create Hi-tech Club hookah bulb. Shisha hose is made from food silicone and has a design covering. Other hookah elements are made from food stainless steel, that allows to wash hookah in a dishwasher. At the same time after the usage of aggressive detergents our high tech hookah will retain its original look.

A bolted joint of bulb, shaft, valve and hose allows to assemble and disassemble hookah very quickly. At the same time it has an additional hermetic role as all fume stays in the hookah until smoker has a puff.

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A nice addition to a complete set of Hi-tech Club hookah is LED backlighting. Backlighting light provides exclusively harmonizing atmosphere making hookah as a wonderful decoration of any room.

Original Hi-tech Club hookah is produces in Kyiv and is delivered worldwide. It is also possible to order a wholesale hookah for shisha lounge business, with discount. We can put your logo or a dedicatory inscription on hookah elements.

To sum up, you can be sure that you will get really high quality, modern hookah at a reasonable cost!

Hookah prices in the world

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What is offered by other hookah manufacturers? You can buy the cheapest hookah, which can be found in the store for $ 7. For this money you will get a bulb with the volume of 100 ml, plastic tube, and ... much of frustration.

More expensive shisha models have very similar low-quality components. You can buy such a hookah only as a souvenir to decorate the shelf of the cabinet with this souvenir, and you don’t mind spending $10-20 for this purpose.

Most of other more expensive usual hookah models which cost from $ 20 to $ 300 also have many drawbacks. First, they include attaching porous silumin shaft which absorbs smoke so it is consequently impossible to clean a hookah. After a year of absorbing, smoking this hookah is extremely harmful for health. Such low quality hookahs are widely sold in Egypt, Turkey, China, Syria, Iran, India and other countries. That’s why it’s recommended to use them as souvenirs.

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The most expensive shisha in the world are sold in Sweden - some models are up to $ 60,000, and decorated hookahs, with ivory and other exclusive things, can cost of $ 100,000 and even more. Such exclusive hookahs are "tuned" like luxury cars: bulb is made with famous Orrefors Crystal, a hookah hose is covered with expensive leather, a fastening hose has are massive yellow gold ring, and a mouthpiece is decorated with Swarovski Crystals.

However, even such a unique hookah preserves a classical principle of smoking. That is no difference between the technologies complemented in an expensive tuned hookah and casual one. The only difference is the design of the bulb, type of fixing and visual decoration. The Swedes are trying to attract the customer with expansive decoration, but the basis of classic technology of smoking is remained the same.

The main problem- nobody among numerous of manufacturers thinks about the essence of hookah!

Design hookahs of a new generation

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The main task of good hookah - to bring its owner aesthetical pleasure as well as moral and physical relaxation.

Taking into account the comparative characteristics of many other hookahs that exist in the world, we don’t want to overpay for the outdated technology of smoking at the same time risking our health. The price of quality high-tech hookah is always justified with high cost of modern and high-quality materials, special equipment and time-consuming manual work.

The final reason to buy an exclusive Hi-tech club hookah is free degustation in the company of its author.

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