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Nowadays hookah is no longer a primitive machine for smoke cleaning. Modern hookahs are designed to be a real adornment of any holiday.

Hi-tech Сlub hookahs have a fascinating form, they have been created for hookah gourmet aesthetical pleasure.

The design approach to implement of functional advantages of hookahs in such a stylish form, made each of them an individual piece of art object.

дизайнерский кальян Hi-tech club classic

Hi-tech Club Classic hookah

It is the very first model in line of designer Hi-tech club hookahs. Owing to its scrupulous hi-tech lines it has so radically differs from cheap hookahs. It often happens, that from the first look, people give ask confusedly and admiringly question: "Is it really a hookah?»

Yes, it is really the best designed hookah and it is perfectly smoked! This is a reference to the author's hookah, which were created by designers, but not techies.

In the Internet and online stores, you can often admire stunning forms of author’s hookahs, but unfortunately, they often save up outdated principles and they are smoked as well as cheap hookahs.

лучший кальян ручной работы

In spite of the variety of shapes and colours of Hi-tech Club shishas, most of our shishas gourmets still wish to buy a Classic model in matt silver colour.

A huge amount of handmade work with every high-tech hookah guarantee the best performance and remarkable energy of these devices.

дизайнерский кальян hi tech

Hookah Hi-tech Club Coral

Favourite hookah for beach holidays, and for wonderful memories about it.

Delicate shisha's stand greatly reflects the illumination of backlight.

Coral looks luxurious in gold colour, besides it was the very first model which was chosen to be in in Noir color produced.

стальной кальян хай тек

This form of premium hookah Coral requires the great amount of manual work.

After carving each cell of stand has to be processed and polished by hand to achieve the perfect shape, colour and flare.

современный кальян Modern

Hookah Hi-tech club Modern

The beauty is in simplicity. The newest model of a design hookah.

The main idea of this form is that it does not serve the fireworks of emotions itself but it completes with its straight lines. This tranquil hookah model.

At the same time, a lot of people can to bet that in the simplicity of technocratic lines reveals the beauty of the high-tech design hookah.

кальян Hi-tech Modern

The implementation of design hookah Hi-tech Club Modern Noir with gold elements is a very successful art discovery. Now you can order Hi-tech Club hookah in this rich color scheme.

Needless to say, applying of non-destructive colour covering of original hookah Hi-tech Club is possible due to expensive technologies and special equipment, which ensures its resistant to abrasion and distortion. Take into consideration that fakers use not high-tech technologies, but humble cheap paint.

Fake hookahs, which imitate the shape of original hookahs, are more expensive than they should be, in spite the fact that they use low- qualities materials.

Take care of your health and appreciate quality- buy only original water pipes directly from their author!

дизайнерский кальян бабочка хай тек

Hookah Hi-tech Club Butterfly

This model has “cocktail bulb” and “festival base”. The most massive, most voluminous and certainly the most luxurious hookah.

Despite the association with butterfly shape, hookah does not deviate from the trend of high-tech design and looks so stylish and harmonious that you really want to contemplate it.

Owing to its stunning view, stability and impeccable taste characteristics, this design hookah never be placed on the floor in hookah bars and hookah restaurants, it will always stand in the place of honor in any hookah establishment and luxury houses.

дизайнерский кальян Friendly хай тек

Hookah Hi-tech Club Friendly

All models of Hi-tech Club are mega resistant to damage. Handmade high-quality Friendly glass bulb is really heavy and thick indeed, so it stands stably on any surface.

The glass hookah is the best choice for a picnic and travelling. The size of the bulb and the system itself provides easy draw for one smoker or two smokers with two hoses simultaneously.

стеклянная колба кальяна хай тек

Каждая колба кальяна Hi-tech club Friendly это фестиваль цвета и формы. В каждой колбе совершенно уникальный орнамент, создание которого одно из самых захватывающих действ в выдувании колбы.

Разные цвета и рисунки колбы, в зависимости от цвета подсветки, выглядят совершенно иначе.

Every bulb of hookah of Hi-tech Club Friendly is a festival of colours and shapes. Each bulb has totally unique decoration, the creation of which is one of the most exciting acts in the process of bulb blowing.

Colours and patterns of the bulb, depending on the illumination colour, look completely differently.

The essence of modern hookah is not only a beautiful shape, mesmerizing LED lighting and perfect stylish design elements. The secret of the quality of design hookah Hi-tech Club is its unique smoking characteristics, brought to perfection over the years of research and technological experiments.

хай тек кальян не горчит

The most important thing you should know - designer hookah Hi-tech Club will never let you down and will not strain, it doesn’t have bitter taste, it is easy to assemble and clean. Just a pinch of pressed tobacco is enough for a long enjoyment of light draw and abundant delicious smoke.

To make your design hookah Hi-tech Club even more unique, there is a possibility of individual order of engraving (logo, name, dedicatory inscriptions). Besides the bulb can be made in accordance with your desire and colour preferences. Also it’s possible to select hookah accessories and manufacture special leather bags for hookahs.

Gourmets of smoking culture, know that modern art hookah Hi-tech Club is one of the best hookahs in the world.

Where to buy design hookah?

купить дизайнерский хай тек кальян

To buy high-quality hookah without foil and bitterness from the author! To discuss all details of creation a design of hookah in accordance with your desire needs! You can call Viber, WhatsApp + 38 (050) 591-65-47 or by send an email to info@hi-techclub.com


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