hookah assembling Hi-tech club

There is several schemes of our exclusive hookah assembly and we’re presenting you a general one.


Due to the fact that all hookah elements are interconnected with patented bolted join, Hi-tech Club hookah can be easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning or transportation.

1. First of all, place the Hi-tech Club hookah stand on a quite flat surface.

Firstly put a backlight unit on the stand. Actually using of the backlight is not necessary, as hookah can be assembled without it. Also the backlight can be placed under the bulb even after full hookah assembling.

The bulb is ideally placed on hookah stand grooves as well as on the backlight grooves.

how to assembly Hi-tech club hookah
assembly backlight Hi-tech club hookah

2. For batteries installing you need to unscrew a backlight unit.

The transparent plastic lid is screwed into the steel backlight unit and can be unscrewed with one and a half of counter-clockwise turn.

how to assembly hookah Hi-tech club
hookah Hi-tech club assembly

Under the lid connectors for three mini-penlight batteries are placed.

Also there is battery terminal scheme.

Hi-tech club hookah exclusive backlight
Hi-tech club hookah backlight shine

Be ready to see a backlighting shine as soon as you insert the third battery into it.

In order to have beautiful hookah illuminations instead of your eyes blinding, turn the backlight off before the end of the hookah assembly by pressing «OFF» button on the control console.

Hi-tech club hookah illuminate beautiful
hookah illumination Hi-tech club

Then put the lid back to the illumination unit.

Put a backlight unit on the stand with batteries down.

Hi-tech club hookah beautiful illumination
Hi-tech club hookah bulb

2. Put hookah bulb, 2/3 filled with water or any other cocktail, on the top of the backlight unit

Hi-tech club hookah coctail bulb
hookah shaft Hi-tech club

3. Twist a shaft tube into the shaft.

In order not to mix up this tube with a mouthpiece tube, notice that it has a threading on the top and a diffuser with the opposite side, which later will be put into the water.

Hi-tech club hookah assemly shaft
ultimate Hi-tech club hookah bulb

4. Holding the bulb, insert a Hi-tech Club hookah shaft into it.

Hi-tech club shisha bulb
shisha Hi-tech club bulb

5. Spin the shaft into the bulb clockwise in 2.5 turns.

exclusive Hi-tech club shisha
hookah plate Hi-tech club

6. Put a hookah plate on a top of the shaft.

shisha plate Hi-tech club
fix hookah Hi-tech club

7. Fix a Hi-tech Club hookah plate by a screw- nut, which consequently turns into a slot for a bowl for tobacco.

Hi-tech club shisha plate assembly
bowl for tobacco Hi-tech club

7. Put the bowl for tobacco on the screw- nut.

8. Put the bowl for coal on the bowl for tobacco.

Hi-tech club hookah bowl for tobacco
shisha Hi-tech club hose assembly

9. If it is the assembly for one smoking Hi-tech Club hookah hose, twist a valve into one hole of the shaft.

The valve looks like a V-shaped element with two sculptured surfaces which prevent fingers from slipping during spinning.

hookah hose assembly Hi-tech club
valve shaft high-tech hookah

Place the shaft thread opposite to the threading of the valve, move the valve attachment with your finger to the shaft thread and make a few rotational movements with it.

hookah Hi-tech club valve picture
hookah Hi-tech club hose

10. Twist an adapter to the free hole of the shaft and then twist it to the hookah hose.

ultimate hookah hose Hi-tech club
ultimate hookah mouthpiece Hi-tech club

11. Twist the high-tech hookah hose to the mouthpiece

beautiful hookah mouthpiece Hi-tech club


puff gorgeous hookah Hi-tech club

Beautiful Hi-tech Club hookah assembling is complete!

beautiful Hi-tech club hookah assembling


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